By Christine Darg
Jerusalem Channel
Why is America losing its super-power status?
We know Bible prophecy teaches that there will be a vacuum in world leadership in the last days, allowing a confederation from the north to invade Israel (Ezekiel War) and making way for the final anti-Messiah to arise.
         Indian evangelist Sandhu Sundar Selvaraj visited the USA to WARN America before the 2020 presidential election. He especially warned CHRISTIANS who tragically loathed Trump and who did not recognize that God had raised up Trump to save our borders and 101 other positive accomplishments concerning Israel and the nations, including now Afghanistan. The situation is escalating by the hour also with threats of Taiwan’s invasion.
         Selvaraj recently said God will judge the churches for their opposition against Trump who was God’s reprieve and choice, but many evangelicals did not vote for his pro-life platform, and additionally, the Democrats STOLE the results in blatant forgeries and voter machine manipulations. However, Selvaraj is correct in his assessment that “many Christians voted against God’s plan,” and for that folly, they must REPENT BEFORE GOD…..Amen!…. because we now have an Ahab figure in the presidency and a Queen Jezebel too near to the “throne.”
        Just look at the agonising and horrific debacle the Biden regime has made of Afghanistan. People are desperate to escape the Taliban and their version of Islam. The West still has not understood the spirit of Islamic Jihad. Selvaraj prophesied, “The Christians fasted and prayed but they did NOT pray against their prejudice or bias in their hearts toward God’s choice. Many of the evangelicals voted against Trump and not only that–they actually prayed AGAINST President Trump!” This, he said correctly, was “CHRISTIAN WITCHCRAFT.. . I do not think there is another nation where the public at large or the media have behaved the way you treated President Trump. You should have respected the Office. He was one man against everyone. You must bend your knees and pray ardently for what YOU have caused to come–
“–All the babies dying–abortions!
“–Sexual deviants want unrighteousness to triumph, for the USA to turn into Sodom and Gomorrah.
“–The borders are not secure! The southern entry is the way evil can come into the nation: witchcraft, abominations, drugs of many kinds. The enemy is fighting hard to stop the wall of protection. Much filth and dangers can infiltrate.
“The churches who do not seek Me have allowed so much corruption. They must be cleansed, and let the righteous ones arise…BEHOLD I AM COMING TO THIS NATION with my whip.” [I have prophesied the same thing.]
     Then he saw Jesus turn his face, and He wept and wept and wept, “Oh USA, my sons and daughters, if you only had known the hour of your visitation! [Luke 19: 41-44] But now your destruction will come. I will come with My whip!
“Repentance must come from the church for allowing THE WRONG MAN into the office. You are in a greater danger of having Jezebel on the throne. Pray ardently with much repentance. Who knows if things can turn around, who knows? All things are possible with God.”
     Meanwhile, as the Church Age is winding up, events are unraveling at breakneck speed. Israel at the moment is in a collective psychosis and locked down, vulnerable. Does the Church really understand the times? A viewer at our YouTube channel wrote to me that she did not think she owed a debt to the Jewish people. She only feels indebted to God. But when will we learn that God works through individuals? We have to praise You, Lord, for creating Israel so that all the families of the earth might be blessed through Israel’s greatest Son, Yeshua (Gen. 12:3b; Psa. 100:3; Isa. 43:1, 7, 15, 21; 44:2).
      As I was reading in my 365 day Bible this morning, I came in the Book of Esther to the phrase “the enemy of the Jews” describing the villain Haman. Although I have read this passage many times, this morning I felt HOLY FEAR for anybody who is so blind to the Word of God that they would foolishly become an enemy to God’s people.
     The frightening thing is—not only are hardened terrorists at enmity with God’s people, but MANY professing believers are withstanding the Jewish state and even working to harm and discredit it.
     Christian support of Israel stems from rightly interpreting Scripture, that God’s covenant with Abraham is ongoing and not finished; God has great and mighty purposes for Israel yet in the future.
     Western evangelicals have been duped into thinking we can conquer the world. The greatly declining apostasy in the churches coupled with worldwide lawlessness makes hollow the claims that evangelicals will conquer the world before Jesus returns. The reality is, God favours the return of the Jews at this time; his end-time purposes revolve around preaching the Gospel as a witness in all nations, and then the second coming of Jesus to Jerusalem will happen followed by the restoration of the kingdom to Israel. But postmillennialists are focusing on establishing God’s kingdom on earth now– they’re hoping the Gospel will be accepted by the vast majority of people. That optimistic scenario WILL happen but only during the thousand-year reign of King Messiah when He produces an epoch of genuine peace, prosperity, and glory.