The Miraculous Return of the Red Heifer

Editor's Note: Jonathan Feldstein was one of the first to report about the arrival of five red heifers in Israel in preparation for Temple sacrifice.  His initial Facebook post was shared [...]

The Elimination of Free Will?

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel      What is free will?      In Christianity everyone is regarded as having a free choice to follow his or her conscience.    [...]

Intercessors for Israel Friday Prayer Points

Praise:  [prayer points via ] The prophetic portion reveals God's ultimate goal for our salvation – as well as for Israel's restoration: Your people [Israel] shall all be righteous: they shall [...]

Farewell, Woman of Valour

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel      With the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we pause to thank the Almighty for her life of profound service, deep devotion [...]

An Oracle of the Last Days

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel Modern-day heroes, the invincible Jewish Maccabees of our time, continue to be raised up by the Almighty. Time does not allow me to tell of all [...]

Intercessors for Israel Friday Prayer Points

Praise:Shabbat's prophetic portion has a wonderful verse spoken to a pre-believing Israel! How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him that brings good-news [In Modern Hebrew – the gospel], [...]

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‘Jewish Nakba’ Memorial Inspired by Iconic Real Life Photo

The expulsion of Jews from Arab countries was one of the biggest humanitarian crises of the 20th century, but it is hardly recognized or acknowledged by the world. Edited by Christine Darg [...]

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