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E-BOOKS on Kindle

WHERE CAN THE JEWISH PEOPLE TAKE REFUGE? Available from Amazon in both paperback and as an eBook, Appointment in Petra is  Christine Darg’s latest prophetic book on the End Times.

A KEY TO MIDEAST REVIVAL: Christine Darg describes the ancient antagonism between Muslims and Jews beginning in the tents of the Patriarch Abraham when his son Ishmael was cast into the wilderness with his mother Hagar. Reconciliation is possible between descendants of Ishmael and his half-brother Isaac. What role can Christians play?

Is there such a thing as a generational curse? With all kinds of sin rampant today, it’s easy to think, “God’s not watching.” But there are consequences to our words and actions resulting in either curses or blessings in our life and family. Why is one person blessed with success and another suffers? The Bible has answers and warnings we need to understand and heed.

Even during His suffering on the cross, Yeshua (Jesus) spoke to fulfil His mandate of messianic prophecy. Author Christine Darg examines the extraordinary words documented by the Gospels.

82-page German Edition of Christine Darg’s classic, “THE WOUNDED LOVER,” concerning God’s relationship with Israel. A must read to understand God’s relationship with Israel and to combat the error of Replacement Theology.

An Israelite female warrior, also a prophetess to her people.  The story of Deborah has inspired women through the millennia for courage, intelligence and spiritual  wisdom. Such individuals are in short supply today, but the lessons of Deborah’s bold exploits still exhort and encourage believers today.

Will Elijah make a return appearance? Christine Darg takes us into the End-Times via the holy Scriptures.

Saluting the lives of three Christians who were exceptionally influential in establishing the modern nation of Israel. A British Major General, an Anglican priest, and “the godfather” of the Israeli Army mentored Israel’s future military and political leaders during the formative years of the emerging Jewish state.

Effective team evangelism and leading prayer meetings require spiritual discernment and maturity. From her long experience in ministry, the author Christine Darg provides a practical ministry handbook with insights concerning many ministry dilemmas.

The expression ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ does not mean a wolf wearing a sheepskin, but rather it refers to a deceiver disguised as a shepherd, a leader. Christine Darg gives us 37 pages of biblical wisdom in this e-book.

The Holy City is the focus of global news. What does the Bible tell us about the future of Jerusalem as it is contested by rival factions? Christine Darg considers the prophetic words of Zechariah, more up-to-date than the news!

Our words have a powerful effect on ourselves and everyone around us. Evangelist John Wesley equated complaining with cursing or swearing. Christine Darg explores the dangers of our tongue and how to tame its destructive power.


Miracles Among Muslims

Christine Darg heard the voice of God in a dream say, “Go! to an Arabian city where the Holy Spirit was moving in Revival”. She chronicles outstanding dreams and visions in this current move of God, and also shares some of the startling visions she herself has experienced in the Middle East and throughout the world. The Jesus Visions is an amazing account of signs and wonders in the Muslim world because Jesus continues to be the same yesterday, today and forever! For many centuries of desert like dryness in the Middle East, the word of the LORD was precious. There was no open vision. But suddenly, in the fullness of time, the spiritual scenario in the Middle East has changed. God is pouring out His Spirit in the dry places before the LORD’s return.



In Speak to the Mountain, Christine Darg’s practical and spiritual insights empower readers to be the healed children of God, doing exploits in His name. If you wonder what your kingdom role is, or if you have been intimidated, confused, or in any way kept from moving forward in your calling, Christine Darg will help you speak to the mountain and unlock your future! Her strong reliance on Scripture will take you on a great healing adventure.



Christine Darg’s latest book ‘Appointment in Petra’ tackles a topic not often covered by many teachers of bible prophecy….It’s a summary of everything prophesied to come to our world in the near future. Available in PRINT and as an ebook at Amazon.

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