By Christine Darg

With so much uncertainty and division in the nation, many Americans are sensing that this Thanksgiving Day should be a kairos moment, an extraordinary time of intercession and deep meaning. 

“Kairos time” refers to a window of opportunity, a limited-time offer.

Kairos n. [from Greek kairos ‘the suitable or appropriate time for something to occur or for something to be accomplished,’ is frequently contrasted with Greek chronos, ‘time in general; time as objectively measured using calendars and clocks.’] It’s a moment in time or a timeframe in which God makes it possible for something of lasting importance or significance to happen.

My friend Angela Hansen suggests consecrating Thanksgiving 2020 as a Holy Day unto the LORD, a time of restoring the Covenant that our founders and forefathers established with God. 

Angela wrote, “Prepare your finest feast before the Lord. Make it a day of repentance, prayer, extravagant love and worship to The Lord with your family. Read the Word out loud, smile, dance and praise… God inhabits the praises of His People! Decree as a family that we will NOT BREAK THE COVENANT God established with us and our nation. Reset your life. Live in a holy manner unto The Lord for He is Holy. Do not be a covenant breaker.”

Worshippers know that flags and banners are prophetic. One of God’s names is Yehovah Nissi, The Lord our Banner. He brings us to the banqueting table and his banner over us is love. Angela wraps herself in this historic “Appeal to Heaven” banner as she worships and prays. Available for as little at $5 on Amazon and delivered in 2 days. 

Our ministry has also used this historic flag in prayer meetings in the USA and in Israel. The motto “AN APPEAL TO HEAVEN” with a pine tree was raised on ships commissioned by George Washington during the American Revolution. I think it was intercessor Dutch Sheets who rediscovered this flag and its meaning a number of years ago as he led various prayer meetings for the USA.

This is indeed the right, critical, or opportune moment to believe God to rescue our nation.

The following commentary is via The American Thinker:

Governors Cancelling Thanksgiving in Favor of Misery

Centuries ago, our ancestors endured unimaginable challenges and hardships in the new world, not yet called America. A group of 100 pilgrims sought a new world where they could enjoy religious and political freedom. This new world was cold, barren, and desolate. Many died that first winter but eventually they grew and thrived. Thanksgiving was a day when they thanked God for their blessings.

Today as we approach another Thanksgiving, our elected leaders, of both parties, seek to reverse time, sending those they represent, back to a cold, barren, desolate world with death and misery, the world of COVID lockdowns.

A holiday thanking God for abundance, freedom, and liberty this year will instead rub everyone’s noses in what those brave pilgrims sought to escape back in the 1600s, namely persecution and tyranny.

A group of seven US governors, five Democrats and two Republicans, wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post proclaiming, “Americans need to stay home this Thanksgiving.” For the past nine months, we have been following guidelines and mandates from these governors to slow or stop the spread of COVID. It started with “15 days to slow the spread” back in March.

But our governors and health experts seem to know better, recommending,

“With Thanksgiving around the corner, we urge all Americans to stay smart and follow recommendations from medical experts: Get together with your family via Zoom to ensure your loved ones stay safe. If you are planning to spend Thanksgiving with people outside your household, we urge you to reconsider.”

Political uncertainty is a national security risk. Let us worship the LORD in Spirit and truth, offering up Thanksgiving by faith for saving the nation!