By Christine Darg

Jerusalem Channel

The new momentum of Jews and Christians in alliance under the banner of the God of Israel is increasing daily.
Following the relocation of the American Embassy in Jerusalem, where Christian ministers prayed at the beginning and ending of ceremonies, the Israeli Justice Ministry announced that today, May 15th, 2018, the Bible Bloc Party of Jews and Christians was officially recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Justice -Registrar of Parties.
The founder of the party, Orthodox Jew Avi Lipkin, has worked 15 years toward his vision of a coalition of Jews and Christians standing together as a political alliance in the Jewish homeland. Avi wrote today on his Facebook, “Hooray! Praise God! Now we roll up our sleeves and start campaigning.”
In a telephone interview, Avi explained that in the next elections, 145,000 votes will be required in order for his party, the Gush HaTanakhi (Bible Bloc), to gain three seats in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset. Every additional 47,000 votes would allocate further Knesset seats to the Bible Bloc.
Avi rejoiced that on the Arab’s “Nakaq [catastrophe] Day, the announcement for his party was made official after years of hard work to arrive at this point.
Avi Lipkin never despised the day of small beginnings: “I’ve been speaking in synagogues, churches, meetings for years teaching Christians to love Jews, and now I’m teaching Jews to love Christians,” he said, adding that the demonstration of solidarity between Jews and Christians at yesterday’s embassy dedication service was not only historic but prophetic.
Asked about finances for future campaigns, Avi said the Bible Bloc operates from zero but that God has always provided the finances needed for the legal fees and other preparations to bring about this historic and prophetic party.
Avi’s son Aaron, who runs a tour agency, said that with the combination of the Bible Bloc announcement, the relocation of the U.S. Embassy and all the bridge-building between Jews and Christians, “It’s too much blessing, but let’s keep it going!”
Because of the coming Aliyah, Avi Lipkin believes his party will be the biggest political party in Israel in the future. In this short video, he shares his vision and goals: