By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel

For Bible believers and End-Time prophecy watchers, all eyes are on GOD to see if he will rescue Trump one more time.
America’s 45th President overcame all the snares of the 2016 election, multiple attempts to take him down, including impeachment; he miraculously overcame Covid to hold multiple daily rallies prior to November 3. Now voter fraud presents the biggest all-out challenge to his re-election.
Meanwhile, Israel is waiting with great apprehension for the eventual outcome of the election. If President Trump can be edged out, the recent startling peace initiatives in the Middle East may well be overshadowed by a terrible war.
And yet war is prophesied in the Bible as inevitable. Trump’s efforts were only granting a little more time before the storm. Enemies who most threaten the Jewish people and the peace of the world are counting on a Joe Biden win. Biden and Harris have said they will reactivate the Iran nuclear deal.
In the words of journalist Melanie Phillips, “this would open the cash spigots for the Iranian regime, ending the financial pressure under which it has been weakened. Iran would be enabled to resume its regional power grab, ramp up its attacks on Israel through its Palestinian and Lebanese proxies, and speed up its development of nuclear weapons with which it intends to wipe out Israel and attack the west. War between Iran and Israel would become much more likely. There would also be a domino effect in the Arab world. The unprecedented moves by the Gulf states to normalise relations with Israel have been driven principally by their perception that Trump was determined to neutralise Iran, and that their interests therefore lay in an alliance with Israel and America. .. And a Biden administration, reflecting the increasing hostility to Israel within the ever-more radical Democratic Party, would be used by the Palestinians to reignite their terrorist and diplomatic onslaught on Israel which, under the pressure from Trump, had been dampened down.”
Ezekiel 38: 5 foretells quite clearly that Persia [Iran] will be part of the coalition that attacks regathered Israel in the Last Days.
All true believers want the will of God in this election.
Many rabbis are saying that America’s days are numbered.
Chaim David Targan, writer and worldwide speaker on what is happening with geula (redemption) from a heavenly perspective. wrote that, “Today formally ends the age of the American Empire. If Biden wins, like Rome, America will crash and burn. If Trump prevails, its age will end gracefully, transferring its power, authority and sovereignty fully to the leaders of the geula (redemption) and successfully and joyfully completing the Tikkun of Eisav (Esau’s rectification). This would be great joy to Washington, Jefferson and Adams, who created America through Torah Wisdom as a tikkun for Eisav.” He added that, depending on who ultimately wins yesterday’s election, the end of America will come harshly (under Biden) or gently (under Trump).” [source: Israel365 News]
In this Shabbat’s Torah portion is encouragement that the One who is in control is righteous.
“Far be it from You… to kill the righteous with the wicked: so that the righteous should be as the wicked… Shall not the Judge of all the earth do what is right [+just]?” -Gen. 18:25
We pray--Sovereign Lord, have your way. We would prefer a little more time under an Israel-friendly Trump Administration, but we await YOUR outcome and will to hasten the Lord’s return. Amen!