Where are we in End Times?

Bible expositor Richard Aaron Honorof in Jerusalem speaks on the possible significance of the upcoming fall festivals. Because of solar eclipses and blood moons falling on Biblical festivals of the Lord, Richard believes God has been making a statement concerning the coming Ezekiel Chapter 38 War.

Included in this video teaching are references to:
–The mystery feast of Yom Teruah (“Rosh Hashanah”)
–The sun turned into darkness and the moon into blood
–Jeremiah 49 in which God promises to “break the bow of Elam,” the southwest section of Iran, location of a nuclear facility. Will an Israeli strike on Iran be the trigger for the Ezekiel War?

If June 6, 1967 began the 7 weeks (49 Biblical years) of Daniel 9:25, it is a possibility that after Succot 2015, the world will enter perilous times but also one of the greatest harvests of souls. The Ezekiel Gog and Magog war will result in a whole new phase for this world.

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