By Christine Darg

“And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name they shall cast out demons. . . ” ~ Jesus in Mark 16: 17.

Recently I enjoyed returning to Egypt to help to build in prayer the Isaiah 19 Highway.

The Apostolic Coptic church in Egypt is one of the world’s oldest Christian denominations.

Coptic believers embrace miracles and the supernatural, but they are also taught a balanced Gospel in the sense that they are expected to live their lives as potential martyrs in a Muslim-dominated society.

Before there was Islam, Christianity began in Egypt because of the apostolic visit of the Saint Mark.

The descendants of Mark’s converts are today the Coptic Church, the largest Christian denomination in the Mideast.

The history of the Coptic Church is full of saints and martyrs, miracles and healings, monastic exploits in the desert, signs and wonders.

In the video below, you can hear Coptic priest Father Makary Younan using the name Yesua Messia (Jesus the Messiah) to cast out demons.

Watch the spiritual hunger among many in the congregation who are Muslims.

In fact, so many people seek ministry in this big church that the elderly priest uses more than one method to reach the masses:

He employs at times a widespread sprinkling of consecrated water, or his own breath–a type of breathing of the Holy Spirit, as in John 20: 22.

He also uses his hands (Mark 16: 18), as well as the emblem of a cross in one of his hands, but most importantly, his primary method is the word of command: “Leave, Satan, in the name of Jesus the Messiah.”

Another important operation of the Holy Spirit in this type of ministry is the use of spontaneous worship songs.

All of these operations of the Spirit combine at different times to meet the needs of the men and women.

As you will see in the video below, in the Egyptian churches, men and women sit separately, as in Bible days.

In this video (and others freely available on the Internet) many exorcisms take place.

In the women’s section, a most dramatic deliverance occurs after a woman violently bangs her head and does a backward somersault.

I asked a Christian leader in Cairo why the Muslim government allows Father Makary to remain in ministry in Egypt when many are persecuted for their faith, and he answered, “because they are afraid of him.” How refreshing is that?

Friends, be sure to watch to the end for the powerful worship song.