By Christine Darg

Jerusalem Channel

    Faith and faithfulness are qualities that are all too rare, but the Lord will search for it when He returns. (Luke 18: 8)
     A campaign has been launched to give the late Queen the title of “Elizabeth the Faithful” because “the Great” has been attributed to despots and conquerors.
     Senior politicians including former prime Minister Boris Johnson have referred to Elizabeth II as the Great since she died at the age of 96, the longest serving monarch.
     However, Security Minister Tom Tugendhat referred to her as “the Faithful” last week, and a former Conservative Party Treasurer insists it is the best moniker to use.
     In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, Lord Farmer said that “Elizabeth the Faithful” reflects “the fulfilment of the pledge that she made on the cusp of adulthood to serve us her whole life.”
     He added: “Superficially she was indeed great, but more than 110 monarchs have been so designated – including the Herod who ordered the slaughter of the innocents, Louis XIV (whose rule made the French Revolution all but inevitable) and Genghis Khan. She was unique, ‘the Great’ misses the mark. When her subjects thoughtfully describe her – whether they are members of the public, commentators, politicians or others – they almost always reach for words that reflect her constancy, service and sense of duty: her faithfulness.”
     An article in Prophecy Today magazine pointed out that the name Elizabeth in Hebrew is “Elisheva.” This name includes sheva, a word which relates to both the number seven and also oath. Queen Elizabeth came to the throne in a shabbat (or sabbath) year and passed away in another shabbat year, a further alignment with the number seven, shortly after celebrating her 70th anniversary.     Queen Elizabeth made an oath, or covenant, upon her coronation, and a promise a few years before to be devoted to the service of the country. The rainbows that appeared over her residences at her death could also be seen to have reflected the oath that she kept, to the best of her ability, throughout 70 years.

     And for believers who understand that the Lord was the anchor of her soul, truly “Elizabeth the Faithful” ia a fitting tribute.
Faithfulness is such a beautiful attribute.
     At the end of the day, every true believer’s goal is to hear from the Lord Himself the words of Matthew 25: 21, “Well done, thou good and FAITHFUL servant.”