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End-Time Beasts: Red Heifer, Chimeras, Lion of Judah vs The Beast!

By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel Editor's Note: The following is a transcript from Christine Darg's prophecy update video mid-September 2018 entitled "End-Time Beasts." What does the birth of a new-born [...]

Transcript of 'The Search for the Red Heifer' Video by Christine Darg

The following is a transcript. To watch the video by Christine Darg, click here. One of the great Gospel promises in the Bible is found in Isaiah 1:18, “Though your [...]

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Ancient Laws of Ritual Purity Resurrected in Holy Oil for Menorah Ceremony During Hanukkah in Jewish Quarter

  In foreground are two jars of ritually pure olive oil prepared by the Temple Institute Photos by Barbara Dingle in Jerusalem As far as Bible prophecy and [...]

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The Miracle of the Oil at Hanukkah and How Many Branches Does a Menorah Have?

I love a miracle of multiplication! In the Bible we have various miracles of multiplication such as the flour and oil multiplication under Elijah's ministry, the oil multiplication of Elisha, [...]

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