Helen Lineen in Jerusalem’s Old City

By Helen Lineen,

Jerusalem Channel 
‘When you see these things begin to happen, look up for your redemption is near’–Luke 21: 2

As believers we are always looking out for “these things.”

“These things” are the signs of His imminent return!

One of those signs is the growing momentum for the rebuilding of the third temple in Jerusalem. If you visit the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, you will see that many items for the Temple are now ready and the priests are already in training.

Today there are members of the Knesset actually talking about the rebuilding of the Third Temple, which would have been unheard of 20 years ago! Rabbi Richman, director of the International Department of the Temple Institute, says he is committed to rebuilding the Temple.

YouTube Screenshot of Temple Institute’s Rabbi Chaim Richman

When Israeli Brigade Commander Col. Motta Gur captured the Temple Mount in 1967, he announced “The Temple Mount is in our hands!” Retaking the temple was important to the Jewish world because the site was where King Solomon built the first Jewish temple. When that temple was destroyed a second temple was built, only to later fall in 70 AD to the Romans.“It would be hard, I think not to see what has happened in the past 50 years as a tremendous, not just fulfilment of prophecy, but a tremendous jump start, a tremendous fast forward,” Richman said. “It is a kiss from heaven. It is like a divine kiss. It is like an intimate brush with the reality of God’s compassion and love. He keeps His promises!”

The Temple Institute is already working on blueprints for the new temple.

Today there is a lobby in the Knesset of members that are constantly speaking about Jewish rights to the Temple Mount. Rabbi Richman said, ‘These are members of the Knesset that actually talk about the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. Do you realize that 20 years ago these people wouldn’t have been given a moment on prime time television to say these things without being laughed at?”