God's 25 'I Will' Declarations in Jeremiah 32 & 33

Via Pastor David Decker in Jerusalem Dear Praying  Friends : In these two chapters of Jeremiah the God of the Bible, the God of Israel, personally declares at least 25 times [...]

The Hebrew Concept of 'Emuna' (Faith) Is Radical Trust

Separation and purity are part of holiness. Jesus was a Torah-observant Jew.  How should the laws of purity be interpreted? What was Jesus debating with the Pharisees? His debate was [...]

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In Troubling Times, the Secrets and Blessings of a Happy Life that Trusts God

In my morning reading, Psalm 34 was the perfect tonic for my soul. Our times are full of stress as we see the beleaguered Jewish people once again being viciously [...]

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Many in Israel and around the world are wondering why God seemingly didn’t answer the millions of “bring back our boys” prayers for the three slain teenagers. The sons were [...]

20 Top Tips (off the Top of My Head) by Christine Darg

1. Seek God first through Word, prayer & fasting. 2. Be the bigger person; forgive and humble yourself first. 3. Learn the power of honouring others. 4. Wait for God's [...]

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