1. Seek God first through Word, prayer & fasting.

2. Be the bigger person; forgive and humble yourself first.

3. Learn the power of honouring others.

4. Wait for God’s vindication; it’s perfect!

5. God’s insurance policy: Bless the Jews.

6. Continually forgive.

7. Pay God’s tithe or Satan exacts it.

8. Don’t let the sun set on your anger.

9. Relax: an undeserved curse is harmless.

10. Make the Lord your Primary Care Physician.

11. Don’t override the Holy Spirit’s inner witness; He’s never wrong.

12. Graciousness can outsmart always having to be right.

13. Continually monitor & correct your words.

14. Not every battle is yours. Let God pick your fights.

15. Send hand-written notes.

16. To be God’s confidant, don’t blab everything he shares with you.

17. Do NO uncommanded work.

18. Pick up the tab often.

19. It pays to avoid the appearance of evil.

20. Believe God honors your faith at all times.