persecution of Christians

Words to Put Iron in Our Souls

"They have afflicted with fetters his feet, Iron hath entered his soul...." Young's Literal Translation of Psalm 105: 18 Mehdi Dibaj’s Final Testament is an extraordinary document. An Iranian preacher of [...]

New Egyptian Cathedral for 21 Martyrs

Art caption: Internet screenshot of 'New Martyrs' Icon courtesy of Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles Compiled by Christine Darg via Cairo (AsiaNews) and other sources Three years after the beheading [...]

Cross is Main Enemy of ISIS: Mosul Is Now Cross-Free But Gates of Hell Will Never Prevail!

By Ralph Sidway Via Jihad Watch This story provides further proof — if any is still needed — of the Islamic religious roots and motivations of the Islamic State. The [...]

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Sheikh: I'm Sick of Killing, Give Me a Holy Bible   Posted by The Voice of the Martyrs The sheikh had just exited Syria, where he’d been providing Islamic theological training to ISIS fighters. Now, he was looking for a [...]

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‘Death of the World’s Conscience’ ~ Syrian Maronite Patriarch

By Robert Spencer via Jihad Watch and Catholic News Service What killed the world’s conscience and rendered it indifferent to the plight of Christians in the Middle East? Well, when it [...]

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It’s Hard To Be a ‘Christian Arab’ in Israel, But Not Why You’d Think

Only in Israel can Middle Eastern Christians fully practice their faith and be productive members of society. The following article was published in The New York Observer: By Father Gabriel [...]

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ASSYRIAN CHRISTIANS: Remembering the 'Year of the Sword'

By Lela Gilbert via Philos Project Lela Gilbert I recently spent some time in New York City with Juliana Taimoorazy, a courageous and outspoken champion of the world’s Assyrian Christian [...]

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