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Assault on Leadership

Photo and Text by Christine Darg Our times call for leaders with very thick skins. The advent of social media multiples criticism and mockery, often sending gossip and misinformation around [...]

Seekers on the Night of Power

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel The Night of Power! This Friday evening is an especially spiritual night in the Muslim calendar during the month of Ramadan—and faithful intercessors know this [...]

Why Is This Sabbath Different From All Other Sabbaths?

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel Some time in the future this sabbath, known in the Christian world as “Holy Saturday,” will be a High Sabbath in Judaism. In fact, it [...]

From Slave to Saint–The Life of Patrick

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, is celebrated in more countries than any other national festival. It’s a time not to revel in parades or Irish [...]

Brave Lawmakers Rally in Jerusalem

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel Despite war, 22 Christian parliamentarians representing governments all over the globe put their feet on holy soil to make a statement of solidarity with the [...]

Intercessors for Israel Friday Prayer Points

Praise: The power of intercession which is focused on God's glory and His reputation – His name – is clearly seen in Shabbat's Torah portion. Moses interceded before God to [...]

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Is Britain’s Time Up?

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel PRAY FOR BRITAIN! On Wednesday evening, as Members of Parliament (MPs) debated Gaza cease-fire motions inside the chamber, protesters projected the genocidal call “from the [...]

8 Characteristics of the Watchman Ministry

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel On October 7, Satan exposed his true colors to the world, and the End-time countdown clock is moving faster, closer to midnight. Something was triggered [...]

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