Christian Zionism

Do You Support the Bible and Israel?

By Jonathan Feldstein, Genesis 123 Foundation Declaring Unconditional Support for Israel Recently, Israel has been under attack in unprecedented ways.  For the moment, there’s a shaky cease fire. While the [...]

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Balfour Declaration: When Political Leaders Were Biblically Literate

By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel [Photo: The Jerusalem Channel's Christine Darg meets Lord Balfour, the fifth earl of Balfour, at the Royal Albert Hall] The Jerusalem Channel gives thanks to the [...]

Christian Zionism: Antidote for World's Oldest Hatred

Note: This article was originally published online in the June 2015 issue of the New English Review.By Tricia Miller, PhDIn what was an historic, precedent-setting event, the Institute on Religion and Democracy [...]

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Israel Honours Col. John Patterson, Pioneer Christian Zionist, Whose Ashes Are Laid to Rest with Jewish Legion Soldiers

JERUSALEM CHANNEL RECOMMENDED REPORT: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in remarks today said that Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson was "the commander of the first Jewish fighting force in two millennia [...]

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Dobbie: Modern-Day Bible Hero from a Generation Whose Parents Taught Faith & Fortitude

A popular historic poster shows children asking their father, "Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?" At least one man could answer, "I stopped the beastly thing!" “Faith [...]

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