Christian Zionism

Balfour Declaration: When Political Leaders Were Biblically Literate

By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel [Photo: The Jerusalem Channel's Christine Darg meets Lord Balfour, the fifth earl of Balfour, at the Royal Albert Hall] The Jerusalem Channel gives thanks to the [...]

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Christian Zionism: Antidote for World's Oldest Hatred

Note: This article was originally published online in the June 2015 issue of the New English Review.By Tricia Miller, PhDIn what was an historic, precedent-setting event, the Institute on Religion and Democracy [...]

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Israel Honours Col. John Patterson, Pioneer Christian Zionist, Whose Ashes Are Laid to Rest with Jewish Legion Soldiers

JERUSALEM CHANNEL RECOMMENDED REPORT: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in remarks today said that Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson was "the commander of the first Jewish fighting force in two millennia [...]

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Dobbie: Modern-Day Bible Hero from a Generation Whose Parents Taught Faith & Fortitude

A popular historic poster shows children asking their father, "Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?" At least one man could answer, "I stopped the beastly thing!" “Faith [...]