By Kay Wilson 

On my way home through the desert this gentleman, who was standing by the side of the road, flagged me down. Given the fact that Arabs are murdering Jews every day and my own experience of being hacked at with a machete, I was very wary to stop.

I could see that he looked hot and tired so I stopped, made sure I had my formidable pen knife close by and opened the window slightly to ask him what he wanted.

He asked for water, which is chilling because that’s how the terrorists tricked me 5 years ago. When I squeezed the bottle through the top of the open window, he started cursing the Arab Israelis who are murdering Jews and asked me to forgive him and his people.

He was truly furious. He then asked if I could take him to the next junction. That was also a bit spooky, but he was wearing a robe and it was easy to see that he had no weapon. Aside from that I decided I could probably fight him off if needs be. I also had my phone open ready to call the police.

As we were driving I found that we had a lot in common aside from his disgust with some of his fellow Arabs. We both thought that those who incite should be shipped off to Gaza and never be allowed to return. We both agreed that the government is too soft with terrorists. And we both agreed that the desert is a glorious place.

The ride ended with him teaching me a Bedouin curse in Arabic, meant for all Arabs who are rising up against the Jewish people: “May a 1000 fleas infest their mothers armpits.”

That’s what made us laugh.

And the moral is…

1) Let’s hope the government will adequately punish those who incite murder.

2) Be vigilant because there are Arabs that want to murder us….and there are beautiful and noble Arabs who do not.

Shabbat Shalom to all the good people of Israel and for the evil Arab citizens… May 1000 fleas infest your mothers armpit. 🙂

And friends and intercessors, please watch this latest short video by survivor Kay Wilson–her intelligent and hopeful response to the recent knife attacks all over Israel: