The enemies of Israel have stockpiled as many as 150,000 rockets and missiles along the northern borders of Israel. Israel’s emergency service, Magen David Adom, must be prepared.

Now that Hezbollah has been battle-hardened through the conflict in Syria, Israeli military intelligence is concerned that the terrorist group may be planning to launch a major military action against Israel — either from its home base in Lebanon or, possibly, from Syria itself.

If this were not enough, Iran has threatened to launch direct attacks on Israel after the recent escalations with the U.S.

With this impending threat of war and increasing terrorism, it’s essential that Israel prepare its emergency medical response capabilities before it’s too late.

Only God knows what will happen in Israel, but Magen David Adom’s emergency services must be ready for what may happen! Israel must be wise like the ant in Proverbs 6 and use this season of relative calm to prepare, knowing that before long its enemies will arrive to pour out their hatred on the nation.

Therefore the time for Israel to prepare is NOW. But since the government of Israel does not fund emergency medical services, Magen David Adom needs financial help from its friends in order to be ready to face the threat of war.

Ambulances, medical supplies, trauma equipment, emergency blood, advanced paramedic training come from the compassion and generosity of supporters, including the Jerusalem Channel. Magen David Adom is one of the humanitarian causes supported by the Jerusalem Channel and it serves ALL the people who live in Israel, no matter their custom or creed.