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This is Lance Lambert speaking, and this is my extra Update for August 2014. I think you all know that the occasion for this extra Update is the Gaza war, in which we are now involved.

In this Update, I will seek to cover the actual fighting, what caused it, the general attitude of the nations, and the United Nations, in particular, as well as the United States and the American State Department.

I would like to read the Scriptures—I’m going to start by reading part of Psalm 83. “O God, keep not thou silence: Hold not thy peace, and be not still, O God. For, lo, thine enemies make a tumult; and they that hate thee have lifted up the head. They take crafty counsel against thy people, and consult together against thy hidden ones. They have said, Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance. For they have consulted together with one consent; against thee do they make a covenant: The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites; Moab, and the Hagarenes; Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalek; Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre: Assyria also is joined with them; they have helped the children of Lot. Selah”

This is incredible because it covers all the nations around us.

“Do thou unto them as unto Midian, as to Sisera, as to Jabin, at the river Kishon; who perished at Endor, who became as dung for the earth. Make their nobles like Oreb and Zeeb; yea, all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna; who said, let us take to ourselves in possession the habitations of God. O my God, make them like the whirling dust; as stubble before the wind. As the fire that burneth the forest, and as the flame that setteth the mountains on fire, so pursue them with thy tempest, and terrify them with thy storm. Fill their faces with confusion, that they may seek thy name, O Lord. Let them be put to shame and dismayed for ever; yea, let them be confounded and perish; that they may know that thou alone, whose name is the Lord, art the Most High over all the earth.”

To that I would like to add in the prophecy of Isaiah, and chapter 5, verses 20 and 21. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!”

And then, another well known Psalm, I’m sure to all of you, Psalm 121, from verse 1 to verse 6.
“I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains: from whence shall my help come? My help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: He that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel will neither slumber nor sleep. The Lord is thy keeper: the Lord is thy shade upon thy right hand.” (Psalm 121: 1-5)

In this Update, as I have already said, I will seek to cover—what is happening in this war—the attitude of the nations and the media and many other things that have really, sort of been drawn out into the open by this conflict.

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I think you all know that Israel has received about 11,000 rockets and missiles, since the year 2005. It should be apparent to anybody who has sense and a mind to think that any nation that could be so bombarded has the right to defend itself. The Palestinian dead, as a result of this war, has mounted to 1500, approximately, and I think there will be more to come.

Israel has suffered the loss of at least 60 soldiers, and it should be apparent that no democracy can have this, without defending itself. The aim of Hamas is absolutely clear. It is the total elimination and destruction of Israel, and indeed, it believes in the annihilation of Jews worldwide. That it is the aim of Hamas is abundantly clear from what their leaders have said, as well as an Islamic imam, who in a video published, actually speaks about Israel. He says that the fighting of Hamas against it has as its aim, genocide. He believes that the aim of Hamas is the total extermination of all the Jews living in Israel, because, he says, wherever they live, they spread corruption.

At the same time, the determination of Israel is not to end this war until all the tunnels are destroyed and Hamas has received a death blow. It is a great surprise to the Israelis at present, how extensive the tunnel operation—the building of the tunnels in Gaza is. They have food supplies within it, they have been built with cement—concrete—that Israel supplied for the building of homes in Gaza, in the Hamas- controlled area. It is incredible when you realize it, just how amazing…Bibi Netanyahu has actually said in the televised press conference, a while ago, Israel has to be prepared for a long mission in Gaza. He said we will not end that operation without neutralizing the terror tunnels.

It is Hamas, by the way, who had rejected numerous ceasefires, and therefore, he said we are prepared for an extended operation. The amazing thing—to me, the most amazing matter—is that there is an almost united feeling throughout the political spectrum in Israel, from left to right, that Israel must destroy Hamas in this present operation. There is the feeling that has united the whole political side in Israel, that if this operation is not clearly finished properly, we shall have more and more and more of these problems.

In a poll only recently conducted, 86.5% of Israelis—86.5%, underline it—of Israelis believe that Israel must destroy Hamas in this operation, and there must be no permanent ceasefire until that goal is reached. Now obviously, that is going to entail many casualties—that is obvious, and that is the problem for Israel, and in many ways, that is also the problem for the Palestinians, because Hamas is deliberately using human shields—children and women, and elderly men—as shields against the IDF. Even sick people, unable to move, in hospitals, are being used as human shield for their rocket launchers, and that is a war crime, and the UN is culpable, in that it has allowed this, or cooperated. Until the UN investigates it properly, by an independent source, we will never know if it was with their help, or whether it was without their help. But even if it was, to a certain extent, without their help, it is incredible that each time a tunnel is blown up or a place that is shielding this, with civilian casualties, there is no accountability.

Hamas leaders appeared recently on Hamas t.v., and said that Hamas loves death like Israelis love life. The nations, by and large—except for Canada and Australia—have been very critical of this operation, on the part of Israel; however, there is no way that a battle can be won without a certain amount of casualties on both sides. I find it very hard to understand the criticism of the United Kingdom and its allies, and of the United States, when you realize that the way they brought the Second World War to an end, was by, literally, flattening city, after city, after city, in Germany, and even towns.

I remember on a visit, shortly after the end of the war, to believers in Germany, that I went to Polzin, in one night of bombing by the allies, 76,000 people died. Dresden, and some of the other cities around— Leipzig, and one other city were literally flattened, one of them in 36 hours of incessant bombing, in such an amazing bombardment, that even the water of the river Neckar, caught fire. The oxygen in the city disappeared; people could not breathe, and something like 132,000 or 136,000 (I can’t remember the exact figure) were killed in that operation. People often talk about the nuclear bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima that ended the war, finally in the Far East, but in fact, in that area of Germany, it was normal—not nuclear—normal bombardment with normal type weapons.

I find it very amazing, the hypocrisy of these nations. They bombed Germany to pieces, and in many ways, rightly so, because there was no way they could bring that war to a conclusion, successfully, but to blame us, in a war that now is with a terrorist organization, recognized by the US and others as a terrorist organization, it is incredible to me, and I find it interesting. I remember an old spiritual “divine” saying some years ago, “Israel has the most remarkable ability in which God uses her like a poultice, to draw all the infection of the body out.” And he said, “Sometimes God sort of irritates people when they’re not right. Their ethics are wrong, their morals are wrong, and their understanding of true justice is wrong.

Of course in Germany, it was to destroy the Nazi system, but this system in Hamas, isn’t unlike it. I mean, it has an avowed aim to destroy us. It also bases that aim upon the Quran, which says that in the last stage of world history that Jews everywhere will be destroyed. It says even the trees will call out to people and say, “there’s a Jew hiding behind me! Come and get him!”

I mean it’s interesting—this whole thing. I find it amazing—and I have to say it after the last couple of updates—I have in fact mentioned this, I think Kerry’s ceasefire proposal that he made on this Gaza war is incredible. He had a meeting with a number of EU foreign ministers, plus Qatar, which is the founder of Hamas and Turkey, which is a supporter of Hamas, with their foreign ministers, and actually came out at that time with a ceasefire proposal that was totally on the side of Hamas. Israel was not invited to that meeting, nor was the Palestinian Authority, led by Mahmoud Abbas. Kerry’s proposal was remarkable: Leave all the tunnels in place, Israel had to lift the naval blockade, and at least allow one seaport to be open, which meant they could bring in weapons again far more seriously than before, he offered billions of dollars in donations to Hamas. I mean this is the most extraordinary thing I have ever heard—that an American Secretary of State should actually offer a ceasefire on these terms, and this, when every ceasefire thus far, that has been agreed to by Israel and Hamas has been broken by Hamas, not Israel.

It is interesting that the Palestinian Authority is also one of those who have joined Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the oil Emirates, and Jordan, in their dislike of Kerry’s ceasefire. They believe that he is trying to revive the Muslim Brotherhood, as a moderating force on Islam, which is absolutely nonsense. Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations said that the recent UN Security Council statement on Gaza did not reflect what Israel has to deal with, and he called on members to stand with Israel in the fight against terrorism. He said, “Make no mistake—Hamas is not working alone.” Prosor said it is funded by Qatar and Iran. I have to say that the United Nations’ culpability is appalling.

I have no influence upon the government of Israel, but if I had, I would advise them to withdraw from the United Nations altogether. Netanyahu actually said in a public address at the United Nations, that it was the theatre of the absurd, and then went on later to describe it as a “house of lies.” And I think I totally agree. I find it extraordinary that the Chairman of the Persecuted Minorities Committee is Syria. That says it, very simply. I mean you don’t have to say any more. The whole thing is a “jamboree.” It’s ridiculous.

Take this question—Hamas has used schools and hospitals, a whole number of them—something like five schools, UN schools, and within the basement of those schools have been stored Hamas’ rockets, either that or missiles, or launchers. The UN hospital which also had been hit was another UN operation, and they had also such rockets and missiles in their basement. Any civilized country would be horrified, that a terror organization could use schools with children in them—boys’ schools, or whatever—and hospitals for ill people as this means, and they have done it deliberately, because they know if Israel attacks, there are photo ops. And then the whole world is screaming “blue murder” because Israel has attacked these things.

These tunnels are incredible. There are some 80 tunnels, I believe is the number—at least, and even now the IDF is discovering new tunnels they didn’t really realize existed. Some of these tunnels—quite a number of them, go right under ground, marvelously constructed with concrete, and so on, under the border—the international border between Gaza and Israel, into Israel, and the idea was that Hamas commandos could pour at different points into Israel, seize different moshavim and kibbutzim, murder the people within it, and kidnap some of them and take them back into Gaza.

Just a few days ago, an IDF commando unit uncovered an opening of a tunnel, when the explosives, which were a booby-trap detonated, causing the whole building to collapse on top of the soldiers. Three Israeli soldiers were killed. Neither the UN or UNRWA have actually said anything. It is known by the IDF that the UN and UNRWA have been used as storage facilities for these rockets and missiles. Any nation worth its salt should surely deal with this unbelievable problem!

Behind this whole operation lies Iran. She has been the supporter of Syria, she has been the supporter of Assad in Syria, she has literally supported everything that is islamically powerful, but even beyond that, there is a certain amount of incredible problem, about the way the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom have handled this whole matter. It is also—and it should be said that the United States has now made a sum worth billions to strengthen the Iron Dome, right now, in the middle of this war. I think that’s a good point that one has to say.

Secondly, the Sudanese woman who was pregnant, who was going to be executed in Sudan, has finally arrived in the United States with her husband and two children. I think that was a great thing that the States has done. Nevertheless, having said that, I had to say that the State Department of the United States is completely empty-headed and inane when it comes to the Middle East. The way they’re handling this whole situation is incredible, and the most interesting aspect of it is the State Department, and of course the Secretary of State, and Bo Palmer behind him, are forcing America’s allies in the Middle East into a position of opposition to them—for instance, Saudi Arabia, the oil Emirates, Egypt and Israel. The only rather interesting aspect of this is that for the first time, these nations and Israel have the same policy. They all believe that Hamas has got to be destroyed, or there will be no peace in the Middle East. Well, we have known that for years. I mean it’s obvious, isn’t it? To any normal person, it’s obvious. Unless there is latent anti-Semitism, deep within a person, lurking there—which comes out immediately Israel does anything to defend herself or look after her interests.

I speak about the United Nations—her culpability. I had my own experience of it. I find it very interesting that the hospital was a UN hospital, that the schools were UN schools. Nobody can tell me that they allow the storing of missiles and rockets, launchers, in their premises without knowing it. They try to tell us that they didn’t know it, and now Israel is bombing them, wickedly. The fact of the matter is, the United Nations is culpable, and I think that God will Himself take that into account. You can’t do this kind of thing without, in the end, God Himself taking action.

I find it very, very hard to believe in a boys’ school, for instance, the Principal–who’s a UN member did not know what was happening–the same with the hospital, the same with the other schools—is someone going to tell me that everybody did not know? As Charles Krauthammer put it beautifully—did they carry these missiles into the building in golf bags? I mean, how in the world did they get these in, and nobody knows about it? Nobody. It’s just not true. The fact of the matter is they obviously knew about it.

I as I said had my own experience in this matter, because in the Lebanon War I was taken up, with other Christian leaders from the world (I was not at that time living in Israel) and I was taken up to Lebanon to see for ourselves whether it was true, what was being said–that we had destroyed Lebanon. I remember going into the UNRWA, the United Nations Relief organization in Tyre-Sidon, and being [shocked] by a huge photograph framed, of Adolph Hitler. As you came through the door, and underneath, in Arabic to me by Wida Vanderhoeven, who was herself an Arab, “We will finish what Hitler began.” How in the world could you have a photo of Hitler in an UNRWA building, without anyone knowing? As soon as you came in through the doors—the big public doors—there it was, staring at you. I mean nobody can tell me that the United Nations in this matter is not culpable.

And now we have the United Nations Indian representative—an Indian lady, who is the UN’s top Human Rights official actually condemned Israel for failing to share the Iron Dome anti-missile system with Hamas. That is one of the most incredible accusations I have ever heard. She then went on to say that Israel was deliberately defying international law in a way that may constitute war crimes, and that is one of the reasons why she is investigating. I would like her, as a UN leader, to carefully scan the UN’s culpability in this matter. I mean there’s something wrong in this whole thing. Anyway I hope that I have made clear the position that I believe is in this.

The general bewilderment on the part of America’s erstwhile allies is colossal—Egypt, she can’t understand how the States has been treating her, the same with Saudi Arabia, the same with the oil Emirates, the same with Israel. It’s—are they mad? What policy are they following? I sometimes wonder whether it is true, that they actually believe—as one Palestinian official has said, that they actually are trying to revive and set up the Muslim Brotherhood, because they believe that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “moderate” Muslim organization. I have lived for years in Egypt, I know very well that it is not true. I saw people murdered by [them]—I don’t care what their spokesman or woman says. They had been responsible for the murder of Coptic Christians—two young men I saw murdered, and I’ve seen Coptic young men crucified. I mean, nobody can tell me—I can’t believe that the American State Department believes that the Muslim Brotherhood is moderate. Out of this same Muslim Brotherhood, there is extremes. There are some moderates, but I mean generally speaking, the Muslim Brotherhood believes in revolution, believes in assassination, and murder.

See what is happening in Iraq. Mosul in Iraq—the oil area in Iraq—had at one time 105,000 Christians. When ISIS—the new extremist organization that has grown up in Syria, and has never been dealt with, as Obama said he would do, the result is it’s now taken over nearly a third of Iraq.

The number of believers now in Mosul was down almost to 35,000, and now it is almost nil. We have seen videos of ISIS men shooting men, women and children in the back of the head—in the same way the Einsatz Gruppen did in Germany—it is the same fascist Nazi spirit. For them this whole question of life is very unimportant, especially when it’s followed by the Muslims. They tend to believe that when someone dies, they go into Paradise, so why not help them there? I mean, shorten the time of misery on this earth. I find it incredible—all this. That’s all I can say, but Egypt, Saudi Arabia, these other countries—I could mention the oil Emirates—they’re all deeply troubled by what is happening, and all of them believe that the Muslim Brotherhood should be banned. It was banned in every Islamic country. That says something, doesn’t it? What in the world is the State Department doing, and the other foreign offices of Europeans, and that incredibly empty-headed woman who heads the foreign side relations of the European Union? I mean, I don’t understand it. This is crazy. What do you do?

I always remember the old Latin dictum, Quos vult perdere Jovis prius dementat. The dictum goes like this: “When the gods want to destroy a nation, they first make their leaders mad,” and I think that is exactly what has happened. Some of the leaders speak of the “glories of Islam” and the contribution of Islam to world civilization as being colossal. I mean, what are they talking about?

Now it is true in Astrology, Astronomy and to a certain extent in Mathematics, and to a lesser extent in Medicine, they have contributed something, but I mean by and large, the old prophecy that was made by God to Hagar, all those thousands of years ago, concerning her little son, Ishmael, the Lord said, “He shall be great. He shall become the father of nations, and I will prosper him. He shall become wealthy, and the hand of his seed will be against everyone—in other words, they will fight with one another all the time. It has come true, when you see wedding parties blown up, funeral parties blown up, open markets blown up—it is just this ancient prophecy being fulfilled.

Well, these Updates have always been the light of God’s word, and it just seems to me that this whole operation—this war in Gaza, is underlining what the word of God says. I thank the Lord that it is He that keepth, guardeth, watcheth over Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps. Where does Israel’s help come from? In the end, nowhere else but God Himself. And that’s the only thing [we need].

Well, I must bring this to a close. It’s interesting we are in the period of the red moons. We never saw the red moon on the first day of Passover. Shanghai did, Australia did, North America did, the Arctic did, Canada did. I wonder whether the Lord was trying to say something to the nations. If they misbehave as far as this Land…because the Rabbis say that what happens in the moon is a warning to Israel, and a warning over Israel, and anything that happens in the sun, is to do with the nations and a warning to the nations. We are supposed to see the red moon the first day of Succot, and I shall wait to see if that comes true, and I will report it to you. I’m sure you will hear about it.

But I do really wonder about it, because the most interesting thing is we are at war again—in a war that we didn’t want. I mean the last two times there’s been a tetrad—four moons, red moons—first there was the War of Independence, the second time was the Six-Day War. So I mean, is this another event which is going to see some great prophecy fulfilled? I don’t know. We have to wait and see, but it is interesting, to say the least. Something is happening—in fact it has been reported that this is the most intense war that Israel has fought for quite a number of years. So something is happening.

I wonder whether Zechariah 12, verses 2 and 3 have not a lot to say about this. It says, I will make Jerusalem a cup or goblet of wine, and anyone who drinks it in a wrong way will render themselves insensible, if not dead. It was their favorite way of assassinating unwanted leaders—anyone that stood in the way, you put some little poison into their wine.

And then you have a “burdensome stone”—you lift it. It’s not politically acceptably in the right place. So you take it from that place, put it in another place which you believe is more politically acceptable. I wonder whether these nations should not consider very carefully what God says, because He says they will never lift another thing—they will rupture themselves. It’s happened in history before now—it’s going to happen again.

It also says that all the nations will come against Jerusalem, and I wonder whether we’re seeing the beginning of that, in the sense that at present they’re just criticizing us and screaming “blue murder” about what is happening in Gaza. What is that going to lead to? Is it going to lead to a good deal more? We shall wait and we shall see.

But all the nations, it says again and again will come against Jerusalem, and the Lord says in that same chapter, and I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

I think the Lord is fighting for Zion, because whether there are some Christians who don’t believe it— and there are a number—I don’t know if they are real Christians, but there are a number who do not believe that it is a fulfillment of God’s prophetic word, but I believe that Israel—the re-creation of Israel is the word of God being fulfilled, and that means that if she is threatened by the nations—doesn’t matter who—by superpowers or by anyone else, their opposition and antagonism will force the Almighty into a confrontation with them. I think that is happening.

So, we need not only to pray for Israel, we need to pray also for the nations that we are part of.

May the Lord bless you and enable you to pray, earnestly, continuously, enduringly till God’s will is fulfilled.