The world has been shaken by numerous terrorist attacks this week. We are all saddened and horrified by it. In FRANCE, a man was decapitated in a terrorist attack. In TUNISIA, Islamists murdered 37 innocent people in a hotel. In KUWAIT, ISIS butchered 25 people in a mosque, and in SYRIA, ISIS massacred another 146 civilians in Kobani.

However, the UN is not holding an emergency session for any of these barbaric acts. It will ignore all this continuous evil and instead choose to demonize Israel again in its Monday all-day session. But, legal experts and top military officers from the US and UK are heading to Geneva to participate at the UN Human Rights Council debate and respond to the outrageous new Gaza report.

We believe that their lies will be exposed and our friends at UN Watch are providing a live webcast of the session on Monday 29 June at 11:15am EST, through the link below. Let us not allow terrorism to win again.


INTERCESSORS: Pray for God to arise and for his enemies to be scattered.