How can it be that a Greek Orthodox priest from Nazareth supports Israel’s Nation State law describing Israel as a Jewish state? Wasn’t it Father Gabriel himself that dedicated his efforts and worked for instating the nationality “Christian Aramaic” in the civil registry? Since it is a matter of self definition, how is it that he supports Israel as the Jewish Nation State?”

Actually, the Nation State Law defining Israel as a Jewish state is not meant to take away or to rob the right of each person to self definition. In fact, the 4th article of the law reassures that all minorities will enjoy all their civil rights according to the laws of Israel as they always did. In Israel, there are Christians who prefer to be called Arab Christians. There are those who prefer to be called Israeli Christians and others prefer to be called Aramaic Christians. Each and every Israeli citizen has the right to self definition, and no one has the right to take that basic right away from him/her. The nationality right has nothing to do with civil, political or cultural rights that are granted to each and every citizen, without any distinction to religion, sex and race.

The Nation State law is meant to wake the Arab world up from the delusion that Israel will be eliminated one day by turning into a state of all its nationalities. The State Nation law is meant to correct the distorted expression “right of return” of the Arabs over the country. The Nation State law is meant to give the signal to the left that Israel will remain a democracy but also a Jewish one.

Jewish Democratic Israel already proved that it extends its hand to all the factions that are interested in taking part in building the country, and as true partners. We chose a side! How about you?

The following graphic from the Prime Minister of Israel’s Facebook page describes the purpose of the new law: purpose-of-the-law