By Christine Darg

Jerusalem Channel


On Wednesday evening, as Members of Parliament (MPs) debated Gaza cease-fire motions inside the chamber, protesters projected the genocidal call “from the river to the sea” onto the tower of Big Ben.

According to journalist Konstantin Kisin, British democracy ceased to operate by its own rules to prevent its elected representatives from being violently hounded by Islamist mobs.

Mike Freer, a Conservative MP who represents a constituency with a significant Jewish population, announced he will not seek reelection due to threats to him and his family over support for Israel. Freer revealed he had started wearing stab-proof vests.

And that is because in 2021 another Conservative MP, Sir David Amess, was stabbed to death by an Islamist.

In 2017, an Islamist terrorist mowed down pedestrians before stabbing an unarmed police officer to death outside the gates of Parliament.

Those tragedies are undoubtedly on the minds of parliamentarians this week.

Since October 7, it’s as if a whole host of demons have been unleashed on the world. MPs on both sides of the aisle have faced angry mobs when out in public.

On Thursday, Jewish Conservative MP Andrew Percy gave a powerful speech in the House of Commons in which said he had just returned from Israel and “actually felt safer in Israel than I do in this country.”

Journalist Dan Hodges wrote on X that he had spoken to an MP who “had weighed up his own physical safety when deciding how to vote on [the] Gaza motion. We have crossed a line now. We are not a properly functioning democracy if this is a factor in how our elected representatives act.”

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman did not mince words when she said, “The Islamists. . . are in charge of Britain now.”

What does the proverbial handwriting on the tower mean?

It all has to do with what the Bible calls the controversy of Zion.

Israel is God’s timepiece, his clock, telling the world what time it is on his prophetic agenda.

It’s been said the minute hand of God’s clock is what is happening in Jerusalem, and the second hand points to the most contested real estate in the world—the Temple Mount.

It just so happens that an important sacrifice will reportedly take place near the Temple Mount, perhaps on the Mt. of Olives, this spring at the time of Passover.

The powers of darkness are stirred, agitated and anxious because Satan knows the return of Jesus to rule this world is imminent.

And Britain, the land of hope and glory, is being traumatized because politicians are not understanding the times and are not dealing with antisemitism with an iron fist.

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