1. Praise: Shabbat’s prophetic portion concludes with a word of caution about what humans can actually boast about – and those who fit this description are born again believers who now know God intimately through His Son, our Lord and Messiah Yeshua.
    • Let not the wise boast in his wisdom, neither let the mighty boast in his strength, let not the rich boast in his riches, but let him that boasts boast in this – that he understands and knows Me, that I am YHWH that exercises covenant-faithfulness, justice, and righteousness in the earth, for in these things I delight, says YHWH.Jer. 9:23-24

    • We gladly boast in You Lord, because You are worthy of all honor and glory (Rev. 4:115:12-13).
    • Thank You Lord Yeshua, for revealing God the Father to us (Luke 10:22John 14:6).
    • We bow before You and confess that You are Lord – to the glory of God the Father (Phil. 2:9-11).
    • We thank and praise You that through Your Spirit who now abides in us (John 14:16-17), we know You in a way that is impossible by human means alone (1 Cor. 2:9-10).
    • Lord, we rejoice at the revelation given in Your Word, without which we would at best be able to only make guesses about what You are really like (Deut. 29:291 Sam. 3:21Psa. 36:9119:64105).
    • As we see today’s world, we are so grateful that You are our true refuge (Psa. 46:1Prov. 18:10).
    • We are also grateful that You are a God of justice which will be seen by all (Job 8:3Psa. 89:14).
    • When celebrating Purim, we are reminded that You often work behind the scenes in order to save and guard Your chosen people – and we rejoice that You are still the same God today (Mal. 3:6).
  2. Aliyah:Weeks before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, God directed us to emphasis praying for aliyah in these alerts. Now as we see thousands, with the potential of tens of thousands, of Jews coming home from both Ukraine and Russia, we understand why (Amos 3:7).
    • We are so blessed to serve You – the One True God who knows the future (Isa. 42:9John 14:29).
    • Thank You for showing us in today’s news the many ways in which our intercessions over the years are being answered at this time (1 John 5:14-15).
    • May all things related to Your people’s return today result in Your glory and praise (Isa. 43:5-721).
    • We rejoice that Pnina Tamano-Shata, Israel’s Minister of Aliyah and Immigration, is working to remove many bureaucratic barriers which make coming home harder for Your people (Isa. 62:10).
    • Thank You for her fight to bring home the Ethiopian Jews who have also been in a war zone for two years by now, and that the Supreme Court removed the legal blockages to their return (Psa. 107:1-3).
    • Move on Israel’s government to prepare everything that is needed to provide all returning Jews with an excellent chance of having success in transferring their lives from exile to Israel (Amos 9:14-15).
    • Wake up the Jews in Europe, and in the former Soviet Union nations, to see that their time to return with “their silver and their gold” is quickly running out (Isa. 60:9).
    • Shake up all Western Jews by the suddenness with which the Covid-19 travel and other restrictions and Putin with Ukraine, can turn their lives upside down and trap them in exile (Eccl. 9:11-12).
    • Guide Israel’s government as it makes hard decisions concerning the number of Ukrainian refugees –who are not eligible for citizenship – are allowed to find a refuge in Israel (Psa. 23:3bProv. 19:21).
    • Reunite in Israel many Jewish families who were forcibly separated in exile (Jer. 3:1431:15-17).
    • Give these uprooted immigrants a gift of a deep love for Your/their land (Isa. 62:4-5).
    • As many Ukrainian Jews will arrive in Israel with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, we bless You for Israel’s recent breakthrough in successfully treating PTSD through the use of hyperbaric oxygen!
    • God, stop Israelis, especially government ministers and the media, from beating themselves up over what they cannot do, and let them know that in proportion Israel is doing as much, if not more, than most nations in sending aid to Ukraine, and in receiving many of their refugees (Psa. 146:9Isa. 14:1).
  3. Salvation:God is drawing His people back to His land so that He can reveal His Son, Messiah Yeshua, to them. The feast of Passover is in April this year, and that is such a great time for unsaved Jews to focus on the Lamb of God whose blood protects them from God’s righteous judgment.
    • For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will kill all of Egypt’s firstborn, both man and animal, and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am YHWH. And the blood shall be a sign on the houses in which you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I strike the land of Egypt.Ex. 12:12-13

    • We praise You Lord Yeshua that Your blood protects us from God’s righteous judgment on our sin/sins which would separate us from Him for all eternity (Heb. 9:141 Pet. 1:2, 18-19; Rev. 1:5).
    • Abba, especially touch all Jews who will observe Passover for the first time as a citizen of Israel and draw them to Your Son, the Lamb of God who carries away their sins (Isa. 53:4-5John 1:29).
    • Comfort and save many Ukrainian Jews whose families are currently torn apart (2 Cor. 1:3-4).
    • Use this very harsh time to cause many Jews to seek You (Deut. 4:29Psa. 105:3Jer. 29:13).
    • Arrange divine encounters for unsaved Jews, both in Israel and in exile (1 Pet. 3:15).
    • Prepare Israeli congregations to receive and disciple new believers (Eph. 4:11-12Col. 3:16).
  4. Government:Western nations are putting pressure on Israel to take a strong stance against Russian President Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Yet Israel has to tread carefully because while it is morally right to stand against Putin’s actions, it is morally irresponsible to put Israeli lives in jeopardy by hindering Israel’s ability to attack Iran’s terrorist bases in Syria which is under Russia control. Also, has anyone of these Western governments ever done what is morally right and without reservation supported Israel right to defend itself against Palestinian terror attacks throughout Judea and Samaria or unprovoked terror rocket attacks from Gaza?
    • Lord, show Israel’s coalition where its godly responsibility lies, and how to best protect Israelis from being slaughtered by Iran’s fanatical proxies (Rom. 13:1-4).
    • Surround Israel’s political leaders with godly advisors who will shine Your light on the path they need to take at this time (1 Chr. 12:32Psa. 1:1Prov. 11:14).
    • Remove all ungodly advisors – regardless of who they are (Neh. 4:15Job 12:17).
    • God, turn Israel’s leaders’ hearts to think in line with Your Word and not in line with the humanistic thinking of the world (Psa. 36:9119:130Prov. 21:1).
    • Strip Israel’s leaders from all pride, and fill the void with a humility before You (Prov. 11:216:18).
    • Please overrule the words that come out of Prime Minister Bennett’s mouth (Prov. 16:1).
    • Lord, miraculously do the same with Foreign Minster Yair Lapid (Psa. 141:3).[Another report of US President Biden’s administration actively resisting God’s plans for His nation was revealed. Thomas Nides, the US Ambassador to Israel, said that settlement growth “infuriates” him, and that he strongly pressured Israel to not build in the E1 corridor northeast of Jerusalem. All this is because the US administration does not want anything to hinder the “two-state solution” which will create a ‘Palestine’ – an anti-Semitic, anti-Zionist Islamic State – on Israel’s God-promised land.]
    • Lord, reveal to American believers that this is a much more dangerous issue for their nation than Putin, or climate change, or gay rights, or whatever else may grab the headlines (Num. 24:9b).
    • Show them that so much of the judgment on America today is because You are “infuriated” by the anti-biblical stance of the current and past US administrations going back to the late 1980s, which insisted that Israel divide Your land and create an Islamic State on it (Lev. 25:23Joel 3:1-2).
    • Protect Israeli leaders from being intimidated by America – or any other nation (Psa. 115:1-3).
    • Turn Nides arrogant boast around and use it to spur Israel to build in the E1 corridor (Neh. 2:20).
  5. External security:Russia is boldly invading Ukraine because it has nuclear weapons and the West is, understandably, terrified of starting a nuclear war with Putin. Yet some Western nations – America, the UK, France and Germany – plus Russia and China, all want to close a deal with Iran which will make it legitimate for the Islamic Republic to develop a nuclear arsenal in less than three years. God has turned these Western nations, which once knew Him, over to a spirit of insanity as they have rejected Him and worshipped mankind and His creation instead (Rom. 1:18-32), as well as having resisted Israel’s complete restoration to its God-promised homeland (Num. 24:9a).
    • Lord, wake up Your Body in these nations to see Your judgment upon them today (Psa. 9:16-20).
    • Then let them rise up and plead for mercy before You for their nations (Ezek. 22:30-31).
    • As these Western nations have consistently stopped Israel from possessing its possessions, please reveal to Your Church that Your declared judgment on all who touch Your nation is being manifest openly at this time in history (Gen. 27:29Jer. 30:20Joel 3:1-2Zech. 2:8).
    • Use the new demands which have been made by Iran, Russia, the US and even China, to destroy any chance to sign a new, and more dangerous, nuclear pact with Iran (Psa. 33:10-11).
    • Yet if, as we suspect, You are going to use Israel to deal with this very dangerous Iranian regime, then sharpen it to be Your battle-axe and weapon of war (Jer. 51:20-24).
    • Do not let Israel’s government be distracted by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and not focus on the much more dangerous threat to Israel that emanates from Iran (Isa. 21:6Ezek. 3:17).
    • Provide the IDF with all that it will need to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities completely (Psa. 44:5).
    • [Defense Minister Gantz has just approved what is needed for Israel to develop the Magen Or – the Light Shield – a laser technology that will fill in the holes in its aerial defense.]. We thank You Lord and ask that You supernaturally guide those working on this to have quick success (Deut. 9:3).
    • If there is any accurate actionable intelligence that Israel needs but does not have at this time, Abba as You know everything, please reveal that information quickly (Job 12:2228:11b34:21-22).
    • Protect all of Israel’s spies and collaborators and all of the Mossad’s agents (Deut. 33:29Psa. 3:3).
    • By Your hand, set all of Israel’s submarines in the exact spot that You have for them (Judg. 7:9).
    • Regardless of what Israel does – Lord God, may You receive the glory (Psa. 115:1-3John 12:28a).
    • Let one fruit of the total destruction of the Iranian threat be that Your fear will fall on all nations – especially those surrounding Israel (Gen. 35:52 Chr. 17:10).
    • May another fruit be the setting free of Iran’s civilians from their satanic leaders (Jer. 49:38b).
    • We prefer, and pray, for You to destroy this wicked regime supernaturally – like You did to Haman in ancient Persia – which is where today’s Iran is located (Est. 6:1-57:10).
    • Physically shake the earth in every place where their nuclear facilities are built (Psa. 18:7114:7)
  6. Internal security:The poor Palestinians are very frustrated as much of the world’s attention is now on the Ukrainians and not on them. We expected, and are seeing, an increase in terrorism because of this, as the demonically inspired Palestinian leaders have a historically pattern of dealing with frustration like an immature child throwing a temper tantrum.
    • Lord God, for Your holy name’s sake, we ask You to guard over Israel, Your nation which You are regathering from the ends of the earth (Jer. 31:10Ezek. 36:22-24).
    • Bless You that over the past several years there have been very few deaths by terrorism (Psa. 121:4).
    • Thank You for the very cold, wet and even snowy weather over Purim which most likely protected Israel from terror attacks (Job 38:22-23).
    • Prepare Israel’s security forces for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan (around April 2nd to May 2nd this year) which always brings with it an increase in violence and terror (Psa. 144:1-2).
    • Reveal any intelligence Israel needs to stop all terrorism before it starts (Psa. 139:12Prov. 15:3).
    • Lord, we plead with You to raise up influential voices throughout all of Israel who will trumpet the need for Israel to extend its sovereignty over all of the land west of the Jordan river (Obad. 1:17).
    • Thank You for the growth of the Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria (Jer. 32:41-44).
    • Arrange it so that many new immigrants from Ukraine and Russia settle there (Jer. 31:3-5).
    • Release angelic protection against all attacks aimed at the various areas of transportation in Judea and Samaria – including at the bus stops (Psa. 91:1-11).
    • Lord, we bless Israel’s enemies and pray that multitudes of Palestinians – including terrorist leaders and even politicians – would be saved over Ramadan (Matt. 5:44Rom. 5:7-10).
  7. The Body of Messiah:Since 1948 when Israel was reborn in a day, God has shouted to the world that the end of this age is near. And while the world has been deaf and blind to this – even resisting the recreation of Israel back on its God-promised land – most of the Western Church has been deaf, blind and unfortunately, dumb about this as well. This is result of not trusting God’s Word and it must grieve the Holy Spirit, especially as the true Church is supported by Israel’s roots – that is, God’s promises to Israel’s forefathers that in their Seed all the families of the earth would be blessed (Rom. 11:18; see Gen. 12:3b; cp. Gal. 3:8).
    • Lord, remove that veil which gentile arrogance has created in the Church (Rom. 11:20) and which blinds many believers to the biblical truth that Israel is still Your nation and that You see the world through Israel – the apple/pupil of Your eye (Jer. 31:35-37Zech. 2:8).
    • Pour out on Your Body a deep thirst for Your complete Word (Jer. 15:162 Tim. 3:14-17).
    • Lord, replace Replacement Theology in Your Church by the truth of Your Word (Psa. 119:97-100).
    • Remove all false shepherds and through Your true servants – Lord, feed Your flock (Ezek. 34:7-15).
    • Raise up intercessors who will stand in the gap for their Church – and co-labor with You to see Your heart’s desire of a spotless Bride come to pass (Heb. 7:25).
  8. Water:As of the end of this week, the Sea of Galilee is around .65 cm. from being totally full.
    • Thank You Lord for providing the water that all the new immigrants will need to be rooted in Israel, as well as to bear fruit for Israel and the whole world (Isa. 27:6).
    • Lord, completely fill the Sea of Galilee and of Israel’s underground aquifers (Isa. 43:17-20).
    • I will cause the rain to come down in its season; there shall be showers of blessing.Ezek. 34:26b

  9. IFI:The pressure to perceive what God is doing today and to know how He wants us to pray into it is often very burdensome. This is one of the reasons why we truly treasure your prayers for us at IFI, and we do thank you and bless you for them. Also please continue to ask our Great Shepherd to supply all of IFI’s needs – both for now and in the future (Psa. 23:1).

Shabbat shalom and blessings from Zion,

For the IFI team [ViaIntercessors for Israel reprinted with permission]