By Christine Darg,
Jerusalem Channel
I received an email from an intercessor seeking counsel concerning a prophetic act that she felt the Lord was calling her to do in Jerusalem.

She had been advised not to go to Israel at this time to complete the assignment due to the ongoing conflict.

Was she perhaps asking me to help complete the assignment in some way?

I hesitated to advise her because prophetic acts initiated by the Lord are, generally speaking, non-transferrable.

However, I was delighted to receive the following message from her today resolving the matter. She had received a gentle rebuke from the Lord during a time of prayer:

“My child do you think I did not foresee the happenings in Israel when I gave you the assignment? Your faith should be to pray for Me to create an opportunity for you to go and accomplish what I’ve sent you to do. Many have left their assignment because of what is happening right now. Their faith is small; they’ve allowed the horror of things that are happening to cloud the vision I gave them.” 


Yes, indeed, over the years the Lord has asked me to accomplish certain events for him, and he would not allow me to give the assignment to someone else.  Thankfully, he kept my faith from failing.

Sometimes I hoped that others would step forward to coordinate or finance an assignment—such as our Gospel tent at the Pyramids in Egypt. However, I’m so glad we were able to accomplish this great assignment along the Isaiah 19 Highway.

In the end, the Lord always made it clear that an assignment he asked me to accomplish should not be done by somebody else. How could they complete the assignment accurately? They don’t have the same vision and calling!

We must know how to receive assignments from the Lord to go places and do things for Him.

We can become adept at receiving marching orders because our “minds are trained by practice to distinguish good from evil.” (Hebrews 5:14)

Some believers say, “God called me to do this or that,” but they have never obeyed. They keep waiting for yet another confirmation.

However, we can be trained through continual obedience.

Sometimes we don’t have to pray very long about a matter. God can become so reliant upon an obedient servant or handmaiden that he can assign these workers multiple tasks.

This is because we have learned to recognize his voice, his ways and his calling. Through practice, we can become increasingly skilled in receiving the Lord’s instructions and fulfilling them.

An assignment from the Lord can be received in a flash, but most of the time, it’s an unfolding revelation, a progressive call that I liken to a hospital drip. Through intravenous therapy, liquids slowly drip into a patient’s arm. Likewise, when we are connected to the Lord, He begins to drip His thoughts into our hearts concerning a prophetic action, Gospel campaign, convocation, ministry, mission, journey or activity.

After a while, you begin to recognize this pattern, and your spirit grasps what He wants. While one assignment is in progress, or winding up, often the Lord begins to “drip” in the next one!

In our ministry we don’t use titles like “apostle” or “prophet” although we do acknowledge that these offices exist. Those titles unfortunately are too often self-appropriated.

Simply put, we are the Lord’s “errand girls” and “errand boys.”

We call some of our ministry assignments a “Prophetic Summons.” The Lord conceives the summons (the agenda) as well as the strategy how to accomplish the assignment. The exploit could be a Gospel tent, an open-air Gospel campaign, a Jericho March, a prayer convocation or a “breaker anointing” journey to set captives free!

The Lord summons, confirms and sends each one to be involved. The spiritual destiny of a town, city, region, nation or continent could depend upon their obedience, participation, prayers or financial support.

I often watch with wonder as He vets and eliminates the timid and ambivalent from our assignments just as he slimmed down “Gideon’s Army.” The Lord is looking for moral excellence, courage, bravery and integrity in those He sends.

God gives the general marching orders, or what I call “the pattern.” If a leader operates in the will of God, you can be confident on a mission with him or her. After one of our forays into Cairo, a delegate sent me a note, saying she experienced a sense of safety under the anointing of our team.

Likewise, I felt I was traveling under a strong covering as a member of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s team, because he possessed territorial authority and a gained place of intercession as a leader on the continent of Africa.

Highly sensitive assignments are accomplished with proven team members. It is potentially dangerous to travel with unproven ministry associates. We must first get to know our co-workers.

The Sovereign Lord could indeed accomplish the work of the ministry without us, but he has chosen to work with us. Isn’t that amazing! Working with believers to bring about his eternal purposes is the Lord’s modus operandi.

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