Intercessors for Israel Friday Prayer Points

March 15, 2019 via Intercessors for Israel We began with Psalm 85. Lord, you were favorable to your land. You restored the fortunes of Jacob. You forgave the iniquity of [...]

Intercessors for Israel Friday Prayer Points

Friday Prayer Points via Intercessors for Israel March 8th, 2019 We began by reading Psalm 63. O God, You are my God. Early will I seek You. My soul thirsts for You, my [...]

Israel Prayer Update: Rain, Election, Torah Portion

PRAYER UPDATE FROM ISRAEL 4 MARCH 2019.   PARASHAH – P’kudei THE RAINS  OF BLESSING  CONTINUE.   The amazing rains in Israel continued through most of this past week.  Above [...]

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Ezekiel 38-39 ‘Gog Magog’ War: How Near?

By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel "In the latter years, you will come into the land of those who have been brought back from the sword and gathered from many people [...]

Words to Put Iron in Our Souls

"They have afflicted with fetters his feet, Iron hath entered his soul...." Young's Literal Translation of Psalm 105: 18 Mehdi Dibaj’s Final Testament is an extraordinary document. An Iranian preacher of [...]