Dobbie: Modern-Day Bible Hero from a Generation Whose Parents Taught Faith & Fortitude

A popular historic poster shows children asking their father, "Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great War?" At least one man could answer, "I stopped the beastly thing!" “Faith [...]

When Words Are Not Enough

My American parents and my British parents-in-law were part of “the greatest generation” that was willing to confront evil. Now it's our turn, and we can’t let down our children [...]

How Did People Lose the Ability to Discern Evil?

The Bible did warn us that in the last days men would be brutal truce breakers with a false zeal, thinking they are doing God a favour by killing the [...]

One Destiny: Reflections Upon An End-Time Epistle

Christine Darg A man who was ahead of our times was the Polish-born American writer Sholem Asch, of blessed memory. Best known for his Yiddish literature, Asch also [...]

Gaza: Are Palestinians Latter-day Philistines– Thorns in Israel’s Side?

By Christine Darg Various news reports indicate Hamas seems to be losing control of the dozens of terror cells in the Gaza Strip.  According to a report by Khaled Abu [...]

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