The pages of the Bible reveal various ways God communicates with us. There are physical manifestations such as the audible voice of God, burning bushes, angels, as well as the words of inspired prophets and, of course, the coming to earth of God’s son, Jesus. But one of the most peculiar methods of understanding God’s intentions is found in the Hebrew Bible–the practice of interpreting the precious stones embedded in the breastplate of the High Priest. One of those ancient stones from the High Priest’s breastplate is reportedly still in existence, resting in a secure bank vault in South Africa! It’s an intriguing thought that such an item could be exported back to Israel. And what would this mean as a prophetic sign? What exactly does the Bible tell us about receiving divine guidance from the precious stones of the priestly breastplate?

High Priest Garments for Day of Atonement (left) and Year-round “Golden Garments”