Suicide Mission or Salvation?

Suicide Mission or Salvation?

What to make of the death of an American missionary to an unreached tribe? Christine Darg sorts through the arguments in  light of the Bible and the history of missions.

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  1. Anonymous December 2, 2018 at 8:36 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this Christine. There seem to be varied opinions on the actions of this young man, but the Lord does know the heart and he loves a sacrificial and willing heart. The young man will be with him now.xx
    I do beleive this …that yes we should indeed be taking the gospel to the ends of the earth while we wait for the Lord’s return, and to my neighbours in this tiny village I live in in England!! And to my hairdressers, and to our local eating place 2 minutes from my house out here in the countryside where believe it or not they have not heard the gospel message, but also I believe that after the ‘rapture’ or ‘snatching away’ of the church, there is going to be an annointed group of 144,000 who will be assigned the mission of taking the gospel into the world during the tribulation. plus the two witnesses.These will be the final ones who take the gospel message, and then the end will come i.e. Jesus return in the second coming…..

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