Prophetic Wisdom for the End Times

Prophetic Wisdom for the End Times

The prophet Daniel predicted that in the last days only the wise will understand prophetic events and sacred signs. In her latest prophecy update, Christine Darg shares insights from a media tour that she recently took to Biblical Samaria where she meet up with End-time visionary Tommy Waller on the Mount of Blessing.

HaYovel founder Tommy Waller

‘HaYovel’ Christian volunteers picking grapes in aid of Israeli famers

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  1. SMB October 31, 2018 at 11:52 pm - Reply

    The notzrim are rising up to be “People of The Book” with Israel. Another wonderful and timely message as many will search out the Truth in His written Word as the appointed time approaches. Thank you for always teaching us balance and truth from His Word. May the notzrim find our place in helping Israel as many begin to return to His anointed land from across the world. Pastor Tommy is showing us HOW to give a helping hand in the physical work needed, and you and other ministries are helping us to learn how to join in to His Plan to bring the land into its appointed harvest! SMB

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