How close is the Second Coming and why does this matter to you?

Christine Darg examines 5 signs that Jesus Himself gave as clear advance warnings.

After watching this video on the Second Coming, a viewer in the UK asked Christine to come and speak at their church because “the churches never teaching on the Second Coming.”

Basically, the times of the Gentiles are finished, and so we must redouble our efforts to win souls throughout the nations. When the Lord of the Harvest is satisfied that the Gospel has been fully preached by the Church, he will let Israel have another go at it!  Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit continues to strive with people and to do all He can to convict and to save souls, but many have already made their choice, hardening their hearts.

Those who are prepared are ready, and but those who are still preparing must redouble efforts. To prepare, to discard, to let go of sins and the things of this world is a work in progress. Now is the time to stand firm, to pray, to intercede for souls, to evangelize, to be a watchmen on Israel’s walls and to prepare to hand the Gospel baton back to the Jewish nation.