The last generation will have a choice of two marks: the mark of the beast mentioned in the Book of Revelation or the supernatural mark of salvation sealed by the Savior. Our choices have eternal consequences! In this program, Christine Darg warns that if you reject the Atonement Jesus provided as the world’s only saviour, HE SAID that you will die in your sins. Each week during the pandemic, Christine has been telling you that it’s very dangerous to die in the excrement of your own sins. Our sins must be removed, erased by the cleansing agent of the Blood of Jesus. His blood transcends time and space and is efficacious for all persons. Each of us desperately needs to be marked by faith by the precious blood of Jesus–marked over the doorposts of our hearts. We desperately need the mark of righteousness that only the Saviour the Lord Jesus can provide for us. During a pandemic there’s shortages of certain items, but there’s never any shortage of his mercy!