“It was the same in the days of Lot.” Luke 17: 28

By Christine Darg

God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah when Abraham’s nephew Lot chose to live there despite the fact that “his righteous soul” was daily vexed by their depravity. (2 Peter 2: 8)

Genesis 19 records that when God sent his angels on reconnaissance, all the men of Sodom bombarded Lot’s house to demand sex with the visitors.

Now as Jesus prophesied, prior to his return to rule this planet, we are living in similar days.

“We’re coming for your children” is the new chant of the Sodomites.

As Melanie Phillips wrote this week, “The sheer concentration of unspeakable recent developments has taken concerns about cultural decline into yet another circle of hellishness. . . . .a self-declared “trans-anarchist” man . . . who spent 30 years in jail for kidnapping and torture and who tried to murder a fellow prisoner, spoke at a “Trans+” event at which he called for. . . women who believe sex differences are biological and immutable to be punched in the face. At this incitement to violence, the mob actually cheered.”

Meanwhile, Tim Ballard is a real-life hero. This summer’s blockbuster film, “Sound of Freedom” starring Jim Caviezel, tells the horrific story of Ballard’s battle against sex trafficking of children. Ballard was a Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who left his job to devote his life to rescuing trafficked children. The movie focuses on a 2014 operation Ballard conducted in Colombia.

William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce was instrumental in abolishing the slave trade. Gladys Aylward championed the ending of foot binding of Chinese girls. In India, Amy Carmichael rescued girls from temple sexual abuse.

Bound foot, Wikipedia public domain

Amy Carmichael with Indian girls

Many sources contend that today’s trafficking in women and children for commercial sex work and forced labour is statistically worse than the historic African slave trade. We must pray and contend for success to end the depravity of all sex slavery. We can think of nothing worse than the abuse of children. Tim Ballard pointed out that the average ages of sex trafficked children are seven, six, five.

When family man Tim Ballard bravely quit his job as a Special Agent with the DHS to rescue more children, he and his wife Katherine had six children. Currently, at the time of the movie’s release in 2023, Tim and Katherine have nine children, including two whom Tim helped to rescue from traffickers.