Stan Goodenough

Stan Goodenough

The following is an important email editorial concerning the “Two State Solution” sent out by Stan Goodenough.

I feel to write a brief but direct letter in the face of resistance that will almost certainly come from some quarters to the ‘Australia Initiative’ that has now gone out to raise up Christians – beginning in Australia and going around the world, to stand strongly and unequivocally with Israel’s right to her land.

As we know, too many Christians shy away from what is perceived political when it comes to standing with Israel or withstanding the enemies of the Jews.

Please permit me to make a crystal clear point that I hope will help us identify the evil and the danger confronting Israel today, and help make us resolved as to how to position ourselves in relation to it.

Many of us recognize that Christians by and large failed the Jewish people by keeping silent and/or looking the other way during World War Two. We have pledged, either in our hearts or even verbally or by our actions to the Jewish people today, that we will never be silent again.

And yet, we are opting for silence.

For 25 years now, I have watched a weapon being developed whose purpose is to destroy the Jewish state. This weapon has been shaped and maneuvered and pushed ahead with until today it stands on the brink of production.

Virtually the whole world supports – and many nations have lent a willing hand to assist in – the manufacture of this weapon, even though its raison d’être to ensure Israel’s eradication has been openly and clearly declared. More than this, we can all testify to the fact that Israel’s very acquiescence under unrelenting international pressure along the stages of production of this weapon has increased the threat to Jewish life and, in fact, led to a terrifying number of deaths of Jews (and Arabs too).

The weapon is the State of Palestine – one of the components the world is determined will comprise the Two State Solution.

Everything about the creation of Palestine is immoral; everything about it is detrimental to Israel and spells death and destruction to the Jewish people in their homeland. I don’t believe I need to substantiate this statement to those of you receiving this email. We have all been following this ‘peace process’ closely and for long enough.

To take a determined and public stand against the Two State Solution is not to be political. It is to be true to our pledge to the Jewish people that we will never be silent again when the means to their destruction is being prepared.

As Christians we should resist the evil of the Two State Solution with the same unswerving determination displayed by men like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who followed his conscience – against the appeals and counsel of many other Christian leaders – and did everything he could to oppose the enemy.

Bonhoeffer had watched with growing concern and alarm the development of the satanic weapon for the destruction of the Jewish people that manifested itself in his day. He identified the evil and, just two days after Hitler came to power, went on air to warn his fellow German believers of the threat posed by the Fuhrer.

He was not being political. He was being righteous. And he was willing to lay down his life to resist the evil for the sake of his nation and to help save Jews.

I would plead with all those I know who love the Lord and who love His Chosen People. Let us not succumb to the myriad efforts to obfuscate with theological or political reasoning the terrible truth that is as plain as the noses on our faces.

Standing on the Word of God, on His everlasting covenant of the land; reminding Him of His numerous promises to restore long-scattered Israel and to keep them in this land, and not forgetting that the fate of our nations rests on whether or not they put their hand to the dividing of this land, may we unite our voices to publicly identify the Two State Solution as leading to just another attempted manifestation of the Final Solution – and pledge that with God’s help we will oppose it with all of our might, as long as He gives us breath.

For Zion’s sake, Christian Zionists – we dare not hold our peace.

With you on the walls.