The Middle East continues to drown in rivers of blood.

Christians and the various churches in the Middle East are in the middle of genocide and ethnic cleansing that happens on a daily basis through horrific acts such as rape, crucifixions, theft, expulsion, destruction, burning down churches, religious conversions by force, abduction and murder of priests, nuns, children, women and the elderly. Among others by beheading, sometimes in front of other family members. Some manage to escapes to the West, and many who remain are only those who cannot afford (to escape) or ones who opted to remain on their land despite the risks involved.

Christians in the Middle East not only are marked as a target for abuse and slaughter, but are considered as second class citizens and deal with racism and religious discrimination, economic discrimination and social discrimination. All this happens just because of their Christianity, which is a religion that advocates for peace and brotherhood among people.

It has to be said again and again: Christians in Arab countries in the Middle East are living a marginalized life, without rights, while their property is plundered, their dignity trampled, children are hurt and murder continues.

The world ignores all the world’s problems and trying to weaken Israel and make her easy prey for the benefit of terrorism– thereby accelerating the death sentence for Christians in the Middle East and the Holy Land, where our Lord Jesus the Messiah was born.

In this improper way the international community continues to contribute to exacerbate the severe humanitarian situation in the Middle East and bears the responsibility for the situation forcing Christians to abandon their homes.