By Ambassador Danny Ayalon
[email protected]

The Christian communities in the Middle East are under attack. Churches are being burned, pastors are being hanged, and worshipers are being jailed. Thankfully, this threat launched by followers of radical Islam, has not yet reached the State of Israel, the Cradle of Christianity. In contrast to the rest of this region, Israel’s members of the Christian faith are both surviving and thriving.

To send a wake-up call, my non-profit & non-governmental organization, The Truth About Israel, recently released this video entitled “The Radical Islamist Threat To The Cradle Of Christianity.”

This short-to-share video emphasizes the need to prevent radical Islam from further destroying Christian communities in the region, and dramatizes the dangers that could occur if we don’t act now to protect the Christian people in this dangerous part of the world. The video calls for support of Israel, thus helping protect Christians in the Holy Land from the threat of radical Islam.

As you are someone who shares these values, I kindly request that you share this video on all your relevant websites, social media pages, and mailing lists, in order to raise awareness about this important issue. Together, we can prevent any further damage to Christians and other minorities in this turbulent region.

Thank you very much for your support for the State of Israel and Judeo-Christian values.Father Gabriel human rights