Rabbi Benny on a TV set with Christine Darg

By Christine Darg

Jerusalem Channel

We grieve with all the mourners in Zion over the passing of beloved Rabbi Binyamin Elon, 62, a former government minister and son of the late Judge Menahem Alon.
Rabbi Benny was a great visionary who reached out to the Christian world to form many alliances on behalf of the State of Israel. Our ministry enjoyed tremendous times of bridge-building with Rabbi Benny in TV programs and conferences in Israel, UK, Singapore and elsewhere.

The Elon family has announced his funeral will take place today Friday, 9th of Iyar (May 5, 2017), at 15:30 at Har HaMenuchot, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem.
Rabbi Benny was a founder of modern-day biblical Beit El. He was born in Jerusalem and served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in artillery– released with the rank of lieutenant. At 23 he was appointed as head of the religious kibbutz movement’s branches in northern Israel. Later, he served as a rabbi at a number of yeshivot. In 1990, he and Rabbi Chanan Porat established the Beit Orot Yeshiva on Mount Scopus.
In the last chapters of his life, Rabbi Benny served the Jewish people as a member of the Knesset; he spoke to many Christian congregations as Israel’s Minister of Tourism. I once asked him why a rabbi would serve as a politician and among his answers was to help minimize the shedding of blood.
As a true visionary, Rabbi Benny focused on developing Israel’s connections with other congresses and parliaments around the world. In 2004, a new initiative founded on the principles of faith-based diplomacy was launched to save Israel from perennial isolation. The late MK, Dr. Yuri Stern, together with seven other MKs from various parties founded the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) to build direct lines of communication, cooperation and coordination with Christian leaders around the world.

In 2007, MK Elon was chairman of the KCAC which spawned the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) made up of elected parliamentarians who work to mobilize political support for Israel based on faith.

Due to Rabbi Benny’s tireless efforts, today there are 20 Israel Allies Caucuses around the world, with new nations join the IAF every year.

Not surprisingly, the fastest growing group within pro-Israel Christian elected officials is Evangelical.

As his passing falls short of Jerusalem’s Jubilee, we believe that Rabbi Benny saw by faith all the good that is coming to Jerusalem. His death is a tremendous loss to peace-loving people the world over.
May his memory be forever blessed and especially at this pivotal point in Jerusalem’s history. Baruch HaDayan Emet.