The following prayer letter was issued by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem:

We are currently at a very critical moment as US President Donald Trump is seriously considering a change of American policy on Jerusalem, a decision that is facing stiff opposition even within his own government. On Monday, he let pass the deadline for signing a waiver to delay the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and on Wednesday he is expected to deliver a speech outlining his new position on the city. Press reports indicate he will announce his official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital while again delaying the move of the Embassy here.

This appears to be a half-way step meant to placate the Arabs and Muslims, while also trying to please his base, including pro-Israel Christians. But it still touches on the sensitive issue of Jerusalem, and thus the spiritual battle over the city is about to intensify even more. Here in Jerusalem, we sense an urgency to call Christians everywhere to pray and intercede over this pending decision by the US administration.

From the start of 2017, the Lord has been speaking to us about this being a year of Jubilee for Jerusalem. In modern times, there seems to be a Jubilee cycle in operation whereby every fifty years something dramatic is happening to release Jerusalem further into its prophetic destiny. This includes the discovery of the original City of David by Charles Warren in 1867, the liberation of Jerusalem by Gen. Edmund Allenby in 1917, and the reuniting of Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty in 1967. This means we can expect another Jubilee release for Jerusalem sometime during this biblical calendar year, which runs through mid-March 2018 (1st of Nisan).

According to the Law of Moses (Leviticus 25), in a Jubilee year slaves are set free, debts are forgiven, and land reverts to its rightful owners. The Bible further speaks of it as a year of God’s favour upon Israel. So we urge you to pray for all of Jerusalem to be fully released into God’s redemptive purposes for Israel this year. Pray that President Trump would be a modern-day Cyrus, making a decree that enables the Jewish people to reach their prophetic destiny here in this city. Pray that the Lord would show favour to Israel by quickly dealing with those who would seek to stoke violence over this decision. And finally, pray for the peace of Jerusalem – that the city would remain calm, united and in Jewish hands.

In Christ!

Dr. Jürgen Bühler
ICEJ President

“You are my King, O God; Command victories for Jacob.” Psalm 44:4