By Christine Darg

'And there was great joy in that city.' (Acts 8: 8) Christine Darg with Pastor Sam translating in Vizag City

‘And there was great joy in that city.’ (Acts 8: 8) Christine Darg with Pastor Sam in Vizag City

JERUSALEM, JUDEA & SAMARIA & THE WORLD. It’s taken nearly 2,000 years but the question Jesus’s disciples asked IS about to be answered. When they were together with Jesus for the last time before His Ascension, they asked, “Lord, are you going to restore the [Davidic] kingdom to Israel now?” His startling answer was that they first had a job to do. First they were to receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to be his witnesses in Jerusalem, all over Judea and Samaria, even to the ends of the world. (Acts 1: 6-8)

The rebellion of mankind is presently reaching the proverbial fever pitch. When the last Gentile is saved and Israel summons him, Yeshua will return, and He will rule for a thousand years of peace on the throne of his father David.

Meanwhile, Exploits Ministry and The Jerusalem Channel continue to spread the Gospel according to the Acts 1:8 pattern commissioned by the Lord of the Harvest:

~We are to be his witnesses first in Jerusalem,

~Then in Judea and Samaria (which the world erroneously calls the West Bank),

~And on to the ends of the earth.

Crying for joy at the elimination of pain because of the Risen Lord our Healer

Crying for joy at the elimination of pain because of the Risen Lord our Healer

Recently we continued to do our part by holding a Moveable Feast of Tabernacles prayer convocation in Jerusalem followed by a city-wide Gospel Festival in a stadium in India, where we gathered up more precious souls for the Harvest. Many local churches worked with our organizer.

My latest video on the “blockbuster anointing” describes how Philip the Evangelist turned Samaria upside down and broke the spell of a sorcerer over the city. (Salvation and healing scenes of our October 25- 30 Indian Gospel Festival are included in the video.)

On the opening night of our Gospel festival in the second largest city of Andhra Pradesh, we were welcomed by the member of Parliament for the region. With the 5,000-seat stadium almost full, several thousand additional Indians were content to sit on the floor.

Earlier in the day, a major 7.5 magnitude earthquake had shaken South Asia including Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Many had come to thank God that their city had been spared this year from a powerful cyclone. Thus the people were receptive as I preached on signs of the Second Coming cataloguing such natural disasters in addition to my own perspective about what’s happening in Jerusalem and Israel.

Jesus: "Jerusalem will be trodden under the feet of the gentiles until the times of the gentiles are completed."

Jesus: ‘Jerusalem will be trodden under the feet of the gentiles until the times of the gentiles are completed.’

Prophetically, waves of Gentiles are being swept into the kingdom as the times of the Gentiles are almost finished! We’re working hard in the Harvest, and God confirms his Word with signs following! Just as Philip the Evangelist preached with signs following of the lame healed, many Indians came forward each night to testify that the Lord had delivered them during the salvation/healing prayer of long-standing, crippling pains in their legs, knees, backs, heads–some having suffered for up to ten years without relief.

As we entered the stadium complex through the moonlit ornate gateway, it was almost impossible for our car to reach the entrance with hundreds of motorcycles and auto-rickshaws occupying every available parking space. Inside the stadium, the atmosphere was filled with expectation and joyous Gospel music Indian style. Three percussionists added a steady rhythm to praise and worship that’s such a contrast to the sombre rituals associated with the city’s many Hindu temples.

I preached from Acts 8 how one man, Philip the evangelist, went down to Samaria, turned the city upside down and broke the spell of the sorcerer Simon Magus. During the ministry time, many Hindus came forward to testify that they had finally received peace with God through Jesus. Our organizer distributed response cards, and in the following week, we’ll start to document the fruit that remains.

collage-CD-&-DivyaOn the second night of our Indian Gospel Festival, even larger crowds filled the indoor stadium. Always a challenge in India, we experienced a partial power failure but went on preaching without air conditioning. In more ways than one, it was a hot Gospel meeting with the added attraction of a popular Bollywood movie star (photo at left). She shared her dramatic testimony of conversion from a Hindu background when Jesus healed her son of demonic oppression. I preached a salvation message of the Last Days, and the Lord confirmed his Word with signs following. Peter Darg shared about the Lord’s power to heal and the platform overflowed with victorious testimonies of men and women who had suffered pain from accidents but were set free from injuries by the power of God.

At the conclusion of our India Gospel Festival, the participating pastors said there has never been such unity achieved in the city amongst the clergy! Also they said a citywide Christian event had never been held previously in the Port Stadium. We are very grateful for the cooperation of up to 60 churches.

Following the festival, at our ministry’s Fourth Bible Congress in India,  I sensed a powerful and fresh anointing to share with many leaders the truth of what God is doing in Israel and Jerusalem in these last days. I fervently preached the necessity for understanding the times and bringing in the Harvest from the nations to finish the Times of the Gentiles.

A three-day threat of a typhoon was stopped by prayer. Our organizer said it would not rain until one hour after the conclusion of our Fourth Bible Congress, and that is exactly when rain began. We are rejoicing.

The United Evangelical churches of India blessed my husband Peter Darg and myself with honorary doctorates. We first visited India in 1977, and we have been invited to preach there many times since the 1990s.

God bless you mightily and thanks again for your support—it is massively appreciated!

Lovely Indian customs of "shawling" and garlands. Peter & Christine Darg received honorary doctorates from United Evangelical churches of India.

Lovely Indian customs of ‘shawling’ and garlands. Peter & Christine Darg received honorary doctorates from United Evangelical churches of India.