By Christine Darg

Every God-fearing American has been shaken by recent events involving the unfortunate Supreme Court on marriage.

And the truly shocking BDS movement against the Jewish state mocks the world’s “Never Again” resolve against Nazism and anti-Semitism!

Many other controversial issues confront us daily, seemingly from every angle, demanding moral courage.

Assaults against our religious liberty and our freedom of speech are seemingly out of control.

In the midst of End-Time degeneration and sorrows, nothing has really changed: man remains a sinner, in desperate need of the Saviour, and the Lord expects believers to maintain our joy in the midst of trials. The Lord also expects us to maintain our moral courage as well.

The BDS anti-Israel attack against the very foundations of our Judeo-Christian heritage and the Supreme Court’s  meddling with marriage (something the framers of the Constitution NEVER envisioned) bring to my mind Psalm 11: 3, “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

Last year, the blind apostates were the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). This year it’s the United Church of Christ, representing 4/10 of one percent (and shrinking) of the adult U.S. population according to this link. At its 30th General Synod this week, anti-Israel resolutions were considered while Iran and the ISIS terrorists are the region’s real villians.

This week the top legislative body of the United Church of Christ voted to divest from companies with Israeli business in  Palestinian territories, in a sign of the growing momentum of a U.S. protest movement against Israeli policy. The church also voted to Israeli boycott products made in the territories.

What can the righteous, who correctly comprehend the times and God’s true enemies, do?

We have in this Psalm 11 an example of heroism and overcoming faith in God.

David was befuddled by circumstances of personal danger, but he stood his ground, trusting in God. For years after being divinely designated as Israel’s king, he had fled like a terrified bird from Saul. But, in this Psalm, the time had come to stop fleeing: champions, even martyrs, if necessary, were necessary!

Commentaries make the following points so very revenant to today:

~David’s counsellors were fearful and suggested reasons why he should despair:

1. Because of the desperate designs of his enemies.

2. Because of their perfidious policy.

3. Because of their seemingly successful action.

Does any of this sound like today? Absolutely!

~But note the sources of David’s courage to overcome fierce opposition:

1. The presence of God. With God, we are always in the majority.

2. The majesty of God.  With God our enemies are eventually robed with shame.

3. Knowledge of God.  Knowledge of his ways brings ultimate victory!

4. The righteousness of God. Indeed, God works all things together for good for those who are the called and for those who love God.

What can the righteous do?

1. Stand up and be vocal for truth. “The people who know their God will be strong and carry out exploits.” (Daniel 11: 32b) As Dr. Michael Brown said in a recent interview with the Jerusalem Channel, “We need hearts of compassion and backbones of steel!”

2. In this dangerous hour, we mustn’t be led by faint-hearted men. Proclaim that the right side of history is always God’s side.

3. Believe that God still hears, intervenes and answers our prayers!