Christine Darg reviews some of the most important signs of the End Times.

However, many believers are behaving in a wreckless manner, clouding their consciences. . . .despite the fact that Jesus could return at any minute!

And then these careless believers would be frightened and terribly ashamed at the Lord’s sudden appearing!

Despite the signs of the Lord’s imminent return, how sad to see that even in many mainline denominations, church-goers mock the idea of the Lord’s return.

We simply can’t just go along with promiscuity in the churches, treating it like it’s acceptable behavior.  We’re not responsible for what outsiders do, but we DO have responsibility to warn and to rebuke those within the community of believers who are living in sin or who fail to avoid the appearance of sin.

In 2 Corinthians 1:12, Paul testified that his conscience assured him that he had conducted himself in the purity and sincerity of God, and not in human wisdom but in the grace of God.