Christine Darg’s teaching video on Psalm 91:

Walk in Psalm 91 and practice the Presence of God!

Because of the supernatural protection that it promises during times of great uncertainty, terrorism, plagues and disasters, Psalm 91 is best known as the Psalm of Protection.

In Judaism, Psalm 91 is recited as a protection before bed and sometimes during rituals of exorcisms because in Hebrew it contains so many of the names of God. Psalm 91 is among the selected psalms traditionally recited on behalf of the sick.

Books have been written on how soldiers on the battle field have been protected by Psalm 91. Sadly some people treat God’s word like a talisman, but when it is recited in faith, power is discharged–miracles can and do happen. Today among professing believers there’s too much talk of worry, doubt and confusion. The word of God should be on our lips rather than despair and unbelief.