Witchcraft is proliferating in the Last Days.  In the Hebrew Bible, there’s an incident in 1 Samuel 28th when Israel’s first king, Saul, consulted a witch to try to summon the spirit of the prophet Samuel. Why did Saul consult the witch? God had stopped speaking to Saul. The commentaries teach that God’s silence is an experience that should be interpreted correctly. The possibilities are too dangerous for the sign to be neglected.  First of all answers to prayer are not always easily apparent. God’s silence is not always a token of his displeasure. Think of the example in Matthew 15 of the Canaanite woman who became more aggressive in her requests to Jesus when He “answered her nothing.” But Jesus was testing and rewarding her faith. God’s silence may also prompt us to self examination and repentance. But also, and this is the danger, sometimes his silence, as in the case of Saul, is a signal of doom. The gracious lips of Jesus were silent before Herod and Pilate. Furthermore, the Bible teaches that to try to jump over clear walls of separation that God has built is dangerous and sinful. Dabbling in spiritualism is folly. 

King Saul was terrified, as was the witch of Endor, at the supernatural manifestation. The text indicates that the witch was not in control.