The LORD Your God Goes With You!

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel After repeated failed hostage negotiations with the sadistic terrorists Hamas, Israel finally began its Gaza operation in Rafah, an area that was once a haunt [...]

Trumpets and Tank Engines: A Turning Point in Gaza?

By Col. Richard Kemp Courtesy of the Gatestone Institute During an operation in Gaza last week, the Israel Defence Forces attacked a Hamas tunnel complex with 12 squadrons of 160 [...]

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Blood Brothers at War

By Christine Darg Jerusalem Channel Such a terrible irony that during Passover, the holiday of freedom, the Gazans are being driving by terrorist taskmasters! A number of years ago, I [...]

WATCH: While Arab World Turns Blind Eye, Israel Defense Forces Treat over 1,500 Syrians   While much of the world ignored the Syrian refugee crisis until recently, Israel has been helping people effected by the civil war since the beginning. In this report, [...]

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Fathers & Sons: Both Israel's Prime Minister & Christian Priest Have Sons Entering Israeli Army This Week

Avner Netanyahu, the youngest son of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has begun his three-year mandatory army. Meanwhile, Father Gabriel Naddaf accompanied his eldest son Jubran to the recruitment office in [...]

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Historic Milestone: New Surge of Christian Arab Recruits in Israel Defense Forces

From BreakingIsraelNews: Thirty members of Israel’s first ever pre-military course specially designed for Christian Arabs who plan on enlisting in the IDF have reached a major milestone. The group, which [...]

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