By Christine Darg, Jerusalem Channel

A prophetic prelude to the Levitical Fall Festivals was held this week on the day that the rabbinic sages believe was Creation Day on the Hebrew calendar: it was a Creation Concert staged near the Temple Mount complete with shofar blowers and trumpeters on the Old City ramparts, an orchestra and an amazing sound and light show that was broadcast by CBN News and other agencies worldwide.

Sunday evening the Fall Feasts of the Lord begin: Rosh Hashanah – biblically the Day of the Blowing [of the Shofar], Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonements, and then Succot – the Feast of Tabernacles, as per Leviticus 23:23-44. In 23:2the Hebrew for “feasts” is moedi’im, which actually means an appointed time to meet. Thus God is expecting His people to meet with Him.

Bible teacher Dr. Richard Booker wrote to me today, “As we see events unfolding in our world today, we can be certain that we are living in the prophetic season of the tenth blessing in the Amidah, the ancient Jewish prayer,

“Sound the great shofar for our freedom, raise the banner to gather our exiles and
gather us together from the four corners of the earth. Blessed are You, HASHEM, who
gathers in the dispersed of His people Israel.”
Soon all the nations will come to Jerusalem and celebrate Succot (Zechariah 14:16). The Jerusalem Channel will be hosting our Moveable Feast of Tabernacles 25 to 30 September in the City of the Great King and last minute details can be seen at this link.
One of the aspects of the Sanhedrin’s unprecedented concert this week was that a Christian Zionist, Pastor David Decker, coordinated press events and also gave commentary in English on the worldwide broadcast. His official title is “representative to the non-Jewish world.” Pastor Pitts Evans from Virginia, who also attended the concert, made the following observations:
The Sanhedrin concert was the “coming out party,” dress rehearsal for the big event next year. This year they spent over $250,000 and next year they will spend ten times as much. CBN and Sid Roth’s Middle Eastern TV covered it live, and it was webcast, but I understand the technical stuff had kinks to work out. Very small invited crowd of about 1,000, but it included ambassadors and government delegations from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Columbia. Those groups are apparently on board with the idea of a new United Nations being located in Jerusalem, and they publicly signed a document to that effect.
The Sanhedrin secured an amazing location at the Davidson Center archeological dig, perpendicular to the Wailing Wall, directly below the Dome of the Rock.
A huge orchestra was seated in a prop that resembled Noah’s ark and with all-male choir. Eight “Priests” stood on the stone ramparts with traditional robes, shofar and silver trumpets. Four of the top cantors in Israel sang with amazing effect. And a state of the art, light and sound projected images onto the ancient stone walls, creating an entirely other-worldly scene.
My dear friend classical musician and composer Merla Watson, one of the founders of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, was certainly in her element at the concert. Merla wrote, “surrounded by the walls of the remnants of a 20-times destroyed city, Jerusalem, all of those present were sound and sight shocked into an incomparable visual and aural affirmation in what we believe to be historical Truth. We became witnesses to a miracle of the action of the creative Spirit of God hovering over what seemed empty space, but saw the bursting forth of creatures and sights bathed in the newness of purity’s beginnings. Huge Hebrew letters appeared on the ancient stones announcing each event while the crescendo of a 100-piece orchestra, 50-voice men’s chorus and brilliant cantorial singers, captured all our hearts with the emotional commitment to the moment’s overwhelming splendour of Biblical truth. For the next two hours, a transfixing parade of sights and sounds stampeded us into a multi-millenial timelessness of history’s Biblical pageantry.”