Jonathan Feldstein

Jonathan Feldstein

By Jonathan Feldstein

Some months ago I wrote about the blood moon phenomena as my friend, Pastor Mark Biltz, who discovered the connection to the overlaying of current events with the Jewish calendar, and how, during years when there were successive “super moons,” great or tragic things happen to the Jewish people and Land and people of Israel. This year, not only are we in the midst of four consecutive blood moons, but these also take place on the biblical festivals, according to the Jewish calendar. As Pastor Mark says, we may not know what is in store, but the overlay of these blood moons with the biblical festivals, serves as “God’s billboard,” making us aware that something is coming.

Since then, I have been asked countless times what I think is coming. I share Pastor Mark’s view that it’s not for us to assume that we know, to be prophets, but to be aware, and to be ready. I invite you to read my original article  and other original sources from Pastor Mark at El Shaddai Ministries and others to learn more about it.

On the eve of Rosh Hashana 5775, the world is in chaos. Any or all of these events may be part of the big picture of what’s in store, or what’s taking place before our eyes that will look back on with clarity and see God’s hand.
• The US is leading a coalition to fight, and God willing, destroy ISIS and its other ideological allies while, ISIS threatens western hostages in Iraq and Syria, and to bring the battle to our front yards.
• Russia has resumed Soviet style expansionist threats, specifically against Ukraine where fighting and bloodshed continue, but with a fear that their reach could go wider.
• Anti-Semitism coupled with the persecution of Christians is on the rise globally – an affront against the only people who have a true relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
• Iran remains a world pariah, threatening not just Israel and the Middle East, but with continued export and funding of their terrorist ideology, worldwide.
• And while there was a war this past summer in which Hamas fired more than 4600 missiles at Israel and they have not given any indication they will stop, at least their plot to launch a mega attack on Israel this week was foiled – for now.

There are other events that are no less dramatic taking place before our eyes. Any of them could be markers on the road as we pass sign after sign of what’s to come. Again, God’s billboard. I don’t want to pretend I know what’s coming. I don’t. I just recall my daughter summing up a conversation about the blood moons with a guest last winter by saying, ‘So basically every time these four blood moons happen and they fall out on Jewish holidays, something really great or really horrible happens for the Jewish people and in all cases, blood is shed.’ I guess that about sums it up. All we can do is be aware, and pray for a positive outcome.

A close friend, Pastor Todd Hadley, asked this past spring, what he and his church should pray for. One thing that kept coming to mind in all of this was that the connection between blood moons and shedding our blood. The concepts have an indelible link to Heart to Heart, the virtual blood donation program that supports Israel’s national blood center, of which he and his church, and so many others, have been active supporters. The program helps ensure that Israel always has the blood it needs, regardless of what may be on the horizon, and especially now with God sending clear signals that something is coming.

As we exchanged emails on the subject, he wrote, “As to what to pray for, God put this on my heart:
1. To pray that, whatever God is signaling us is coming, it be for the good of Israel and the nations;
2. To pray that even if it is good, it does not involve a loss of life, especially in Israel;
3. To pray that if there is death, that this be kept to a minimum;
4. To pray that if blood is shed, as the one thing that can heal and save all people, Israel’s blood supply and the resources to protect it, are always abundant.”


I might modify the third item in the above prayer somewhat, having been through a war with Hamas this summer, a smaller and less globally threatening version of ISIS but one that’s no less radical and deadly, and the extremist ideology they espouse that’s rooted in Islamic extremism. Even though they don’t sanctify life, the fewer terrorists left alive at the end of fighting against them is a good thing.

But there’s another interesting twist. This New Year we enter the shmita or sabbatical year, the seventh year of a cycle in which God commands us to let the Land lie fallow. It’s an awesome statement of faith for farmers to simply not plant this coming year, and put a big billboard on their property saying, “Here we observe shmita.”

Pastor Mark discovered that when the blood moons happen during a shmita year, at least the last two cycles, there were financial calamities as well. In 2001 and 2008 there were major economic downturns. Nothing’s guaranteed, but two in a row coupled with the world events in front of us is a little too much of a coincidence for me. Personally, I decided that rather than sitting on a bunch of dollars or shekels in the bank, that it’d be safer to buy some gold. It’s a good investment either way, but on the verge of a potential economic down turn, of course I can pray, but here’s a way that I can also take action.

Whatever God has in store, I pray that for you and your family and loved ones, and for all of Israel, that the New Year will be one of happiness, health, abundance, and if not peace, than at least quiet.

Blessings from Jerusalem for a happy 5775.