Dear Ministry Partner,

The barbaric invasion from Gaza on October 7 has prompted millions to reconsider the serious situation faced by Israel.

Now, more than ever, the Biblical perspective on Israel, the Jewish people and End Times prophecy need to be explained to the world.

Thanks to your support, the media output of Exploits Ministry, both in videos and written word are finding a global audience.

We would especially appreciate your End-of-Year gift to help to launch the ministry even more powerfully into 2024.

Following are some testimonials left at our YouTube site in the comments sections:

–Thank you Christine for another important and timely message. You covered so much in short time and didn’t miss anything out. Liked and shared!  (M Brooks)

–Thank you for your clear and concise teaching. You share information that we do not hear in the news. Your faith and calmness in this world is so helpful for Christians striving to keep strong during tough times. Amen. (BPG)

–Another wonderful teaching! I love how you weave instruction of The Word by past, present and future events and exhortations! (

–You know the Bible so well Christine.  Your weekly Bible study is winning many to Christ. Thanks for getting my attention beach week. I learn a lot from you. (Brian)

— It is like receiving a precious gift each week Christine to get your weekly biblically based messages! I’m so very thankful for you and your ministry!  (Liz J)

— I enjoy watching your podcast from Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. God bless you

–I appreciate your teachings and admonitions. I ran to my Bible and looked up many of the scriptures you highlighted. I see the reflection of Jesus in your face and spirit. I believe Jesus is coming for His believers very, very soon. The signs in scripture are certainly abundant. (C Wyman)

Loving shalom,
Christine & Peter Darg