This exciting documentary from Israel filmmaker Yuval Ovadia puts current events into Biblical perspective from the viewpoint of repentant Orthodox Jews returning to the Father in heaven.

The film not only documents some of the amazing miracles from the war in Gaza, with live evidence never seen before, but it also documents many interviews with ordinary Israelis who demonstrate how they are becoming more religious due to pressure from Islamic extremists.

Watch how Israeli after Israeli speaks of God as our “father in heaven,” the way Jesus referred to the Almighty.

The film documents the repentance of over a million Israelis and how they are increasingly anticipating the coming of King Messiah of the House of David as prophesied by the Bible and by great rabbis throughout Jewish history.

When Jesus (Yeshua Hamasiach), the son of David, returns to Jerusalem to rule upon the Throne of his ancestral father David, the prophecies of this documentary will be fulfilled.

But in the meantime, this film produced by non-messianic religious Jews is “evangelical” according to the light Israeli currently possesses, ending with a call to Israelis and to the world with a message that sounds amazingly familiar to evangelicals:

“You too can believe in God and accept his sovereignty. You too can leap on the train before the doors slam shut…all of Israel must connect with the Father in Heaven.”