1. Praise: Rosh Hashanah starts this Sunday evening. We took the rabbinic theme of proclaiming God as Creator and King during this feast in our time of praise.
    • By the Word of YHWH were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth.Psa. 33:6

    • We stand in awe of You as You have created time and abide in eternity (Rev. 10:5-6).
    • The heavens declare the glory of God; and the expanse proclaims His handiwork.Psa. 19:1

    • We bless You for creating Israel for Yourself (Isa. 43:15, 21).
    • Yeshua, we proclaim You as King of kings and welcome Your soon return (Rev. 19:16).
    • For YHWH is our judge, YHWH is our lawgiver, YHWH is our king; He will save us.Isa. 33:22

  2. Coalition negotiations: President Riviln has passed the baton over to Likud leader, and still current Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, to try and put together the next governing coalition. While Bibi was willing to work with Blue & White’s leader Benny Gantz, Gantz was not willing to work with him as long as Netanyahu is under possible indictment charges. This Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, is when the decision of whether to indict him or not starts. We continue to ask God to lead us in prayer as right now His will is unclear. The various coalition compositions are many, and some are just dangerous. On top of this, the demands of each party seem to change daily.
    • We plead with You to give us a government through whom You can be glorified (Psa. 115:1-3).
    • Give Israel leaders who will do whatever it takes to protect Your people (1 Sam. 17:45-47).
    • Lord, where are the 7,000 who have not bowed the knee to false idols (Rom. 11:4-5)?
    • During this feast season, reveal Messiah unto many of Israel’s politicians (John 6:44).
    • Abba, overrule the egotistical strongholds in both Netanyahu and Gantz (Prov. 21:1).
    • Remember that as You said You would bring us back in unbelief and then save us (Jer. 32:37-40; Ezek. 36:24-28), please give us leaders who will enable that to come to pass (1 Tim. 2:1-4).
    • Forbid that any party which is not of Your will joins the future coalition (Prov. 16:9).
    • Lord, as many of the parties leaders have set their demands in stone, provide for a way for them to compromise without needing to be unprincipled (Prov. 11:3).
  3. Netanyahu’s indictment: This has hung around Bibi’s neck long enough.
    • Lord, may the legal process to be short and efficient and for the truth to prevail (Psa. 89:14).
    • Give Israel’s Attorney General Mandelblit wisdom to know whether there is enough proof to indict Bibi or whether it should just be thrown out (Prov. 1:3).
    • And if he is to be indicted, show Bibi if he should step aside until the case is closed.
    • We ask that the high court in heaven would determine the outcome (Psa. 22:28; 103:19).
    • Lord, many right-wing conservative world leaders who are more in line with Your will are under an overt assault: Netanyahu, US President Trump, UK PM Johnson, Brazil’s President Bolsonaro, and others. Show us what – or who – is behind this and teach us how to pray (Prov. 15:8, 29).
  4. Government: We then asked God to give Israel a functional government. We based this request on the many promises in His Word of what a godly government would look like as well as what He has promised to provide for Israel after it is restored.
    • Provide this people with shepherds after Your heart as per Jeremiah 3:14-15 and 23:3-4.
    • Lord, we want to see Your glory dwelling in this land (Psa. 85:9). So we ask for You to raise up leaders who will embody mercy and truth, righteousness and peace (Psa. 85:10-11).
    • You shall seek out…able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating unjust gain, and place them over the people to be rulers of thousands…of hundreds…of fifties, and…of tens.Ex. 18:21

    • Sift out all those who are not in line with Your will for Israel today.
    • Give Israel a government that will make security its top priority (Rom. 13:1-4).
    • Give Israel a government that will not divide Your land – as that is an essential part of security and dividing this land is not in line with Your revealed will (Lev. 25:23; Ezek. 36:5; Joel 3:1-2).
    • Give Israel leaders who are more afraid of You than of men (Psa. 118:8-9; Prov. 29:25).
  5. Security: The enemy loves to kill and destroy Jews – especially during the Lord’s Feasts. We prayed into this concentrating on the Judea-Samaria- Jerusalem areas – what the world calls the West Bank, or the occupied territories. Yet this is where most of the Bible stories took place.
    • Thank You for restoring to Israel its biblical heartland in the 1967 Six Day war (Psa. 44:1-8).
    • Make the generals over the security forces in these areas as the fire brands of Zechariah 12:6.
    • Quicken all the security forces in this area, especially those on guard during the feasts and not at home with their families, and remove from them all distractions (Psa. 127:1; Isa. 21:11-12; 52:8).
    • Give the IDF commanders revelation of all the plans of the enemy (Job 28:11b).
    • Send forth angelic protection on the roads from attacks by rocks, car-rammings or traffic accidents.
    • May Your plans be shown to Israel’s leaders – both political and military – to know what to expect, and what to do, on the day after Palestinian President Abbas is no longer with us (Psa. 33:11).
    • May Your safety and Your joy during these feasts be over all the residents – both Jewish and Arab – who live in these areas (Psa. 121:4; Neh. 8:10).
  6. Security: Iran is continuing to build bases and store missiles in the regions around, and next to, Israel. Iran has a presence in Lebanon and Syria via Hizbullah, and in Gaza through Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It is also building bases near the Iraqi border in Syria as well as having a strong presence in Iraq. The relationship between Iran, Russia and Turkey is strengthening as well.
    • Lord, You see this very real threat to Israel. You have not restored Your people to have them be destroyed (Jer. 31:10). Therefore, arise our God and scatter Your enemy (Psa. 68:1).
    • Show the IDF what to do and when to do it (Jer. 51:20-24).
    • Over this feast season spread Your protection to all Jewish centers in exile (Psa. 121:4).
    • Uncover and unravel all of Iran’s demonic plans against Your nation (Job 12:22).
    • Continue to dry up Iran’s finances so that they can no longer support their proxies (Psa. 52:1-7).
    • Thanks You for Trump reinstating and strengthening sanctions on Iran. Bless him for his courageous and righteous move (Psa. 27:14).
    • Do not all Trump to be deceived by the smooth words coming out of Iranian mouths (Psa. 120:6-7).
    • Send deep divisions between anti-Israel terror groups and nations (Psa. 129:5).
    • Lord, You hear Iran’s leaders arrogant boasts against Your people and nation – their threats of Israel’s annihilation. Allow them to reap what they sow (Gal. 6:7).
    • Set the Iranians free from their demon-driven leaders (Jer. 49:38).
    • Increase Iran’s natural disasters and increase the political pressure from surprising areas.
    • Thank You for the fast-growing Farsi-speaking Church in Iran and worldwide. We bless our brothers and sisters in the name of Yeshua our Messiah. Be strong and courageous… (2 Chr. 32:7).
  7. Aliyah: We continue to ask God to return His people to His land because this is declared in His Word to be for His glory!
    • I will sanctify My great name, which was profaned among the gentiles, which you have profaned in their midst. And the gentiles shall know that I am YHWH, says the Lord YHWH, when I shall be sanctified in you [Israel] before their eyes. For I will take you from among the gentiles and gather you out of all lands, and will gather you into your own land.Ezek. 36:23-24

    • Abba, increase the return of Your people during this season (Isa. 11:11-12).
    • Thank You for the “Putin-aliyah” which has increased by 30% Jews from Russia coming home.
    • Lord, strip the word “diaspora” from Jews who live outside of Israel and replace it with the correct biblical terms – “exile” and “captivity” (Deut. 28:41; Ezra 2:1; Psa. 14:7; 85:1; Jer. 29:1, 14; 30:3; 31:23; 32:44; 33:11; Ezek. 12:11; 39:25; Zeph. 3:20).!
    • God, shake Your people out of their flimsy and false comfort zones in the West (Deut. 32:11-12).
    • Remove the pride of the Jews to stand in the face of anti-Semitism and replace it with a desire to seek protection for their children and grandchildren (Jer. 16:16).
    • Wake up the youth. Place on many a deep dissatisfaction with the wealth and boredom of the world. Impart a spirit of adventure on them and bring them home (Isa. 62:4-5).
    • Who are these who fly like a cloud, and as the doves to their windows? Surely the coastlands shall wait for Me, and the ships of Tarshish first, to bring your sons from far, their silver and their gold with them, to the name of YHWH your God, and to the Holy One of Israel, because He has glorified you.Isa. 60:8-9

    • Stir up an unquenchable homesickness in Your people as they celebrate the feasts and realize that they are still living in “Babylon” (Jer. 50:4-5; 51:9-10).
    • Abba, move on the rabbis serving Your people in exile to encourage them to make aliyah.
    • For all those liberal Jews who are offended by Israel’s nationalism; deal with them through dreams, visions and through Your Word (Deut. 32:8-9).
    • Give us a government that will fling open wide the doors in this nation for all the Jews who want to return (Isa. 62:10).
  8. The Body of Messiah: Most of the Church in the world is under such pressure, facing either physical, legal or spiritual persecution, that they barely have time to look up and realize what God is doing through restoring Israel to His land in preparation for the return of His Son.
    • Lord Yeshua, wake up Your Body to have eyes to see how You have been fulfilling so many prophecies in preparation for Your return.
    • How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good tidings, making peace heard; who brings good news, making salvation heard; who says to Zion, ‘Your God reigns!’ The voice of Your watchmen shall lift up! They lift up the voice together; they sing aloud., for they shall see eye to eye, when YHWH shall bring again [or, return to] Zion.Isa. 52:7-8

    • Encourage all small groups that meet in homes and do understand and pray for Israel’s restoration (Acts 2:46-47; Rom. 16:3-5).
    • Do not allow the miraculous Messianic Jewish movement in the nations to be used to keep Jewish believers too comfortable and encourage them to remain in captivity (Isa. 35:10; 51:11).
    • Wake up the church to its responsibility to carry Your people home (Isa. 49:22) – including by helping with finances (Isa. 60:3-11; Rom. 15:27).
  9. Salvation: Praying for Israel’s salvation over the feasts is very timely and effective. Please pray for the Jews in Israel as well as those in your nations. Also, be as specific as possible and let’s believe for a mighty harvest to be reaped out of His people – for His holy name’s sake.
    • And so all Israel shall be saved; as it is written, ‘There shall come out of Zion the Deliverer, and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob. For this is My covenant with them, when I have taken away their sins.’ Indeed as regards the gospel, they are enemies for your sakes, but as regards the election, they are beloved for the fathers’ sakes, for the free gifts and calling of God are irrevocable. For as you also then disbelieved God, but now have been shown mercy through their disbelief, even so these also have not believed now, so that through your mercy they may also obtain mercy. For God has shut up all in unbelief, so that He might show mercy to all. O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments, and His ways past finding out! For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who became His counselor? Or who first gave to Him, and it will be repaid to him? (Rom. 11:26-35) Amen.

Blessings from the city of the great king – Yeshua our Messiah and Lord.

Shabbat shalom and hag sameach!

The IFI team