1. Praise:

    This past Wednesday – the 7th day of Passover/Unleavened Bread – is the day when Judaism marks the crossing of the Red Sea. The song Israel sang to the Lord on that day, which we have in Exodus 15, provides us with many wonderful reasons to praise our great God.

    • Lord, we praise You for being our strength and our song and for becoming – through the incarnation of Your Son – our yeshu’ah, our salvation (Ex. 15:2).
    • While many believers do not appreciate that You are still a Man of War, we do and thank You that You are and will never change as justice is essential to You (Ex. 15:3Mal. 3:6Rev. 19:11-16).
    • Abba, we bless You that Your Right Hand, which is often a Tanach foreshadow of Messiah Yeshua, is now glorious in power and Your Son has crushed the head of our enemy (Ex. 15:6; cp. Gen. 3:15).
    • We confess that there is none like You, O YHWH, among the gods? There is none like You who are glorious in holiness, awesome in praises, and who still does miracles (Ex. 15:11).
    • Thank You Lord that in Your mercy we are also Your people whom You have redeemed (Ex. 15:13; cp. Tit. 2:141 Pet. 1:18), and whom You have purchased (Ex. 15:16b; cp. Acts 20:28Eph. 1:13-14).
    • We rejoice in – and depend on – Your total sovereignty over all of Your creation (Ex. 15:18).
    • Lord Yeshua, we praise You that everything You endured confirmed the Tanach’s prophecies of who God’s Messiah would be (Luke 24:2744-45).
  2. Government & society:

    Despite terror attacks which have murdered Israelis and others, and rocket attacks from Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, there are still protests against the current Israeli government. To some of us, this indicates that the demonstrations against the judicial reforms were only a cover for the real issue – which is that the left-wing actually lost the last election.

    • Thank You God for giving Israel a government and for there being no indication that Your nation is heading towards new elections in the near future (Jer. 27:5Dan. 2:21).
    • Guide Israel’s Zionist-leaning government to accomplish Your will today (Prov. 19:21).
    • Restrain it from trying to move forward with anything that is not Your will (Psa. 33:10-11).
    • Lord, we have asked You to reveal what the real issues are and we thank You for apparently doing this, yet please continue to confirm that our suspicions are accurate (Job 12:22).
    • Uncover all outside influences and financial aid that keeps the demonstrations going (Mark 4:22).
    • With all the modifications that You deem needed, yet without removing the essence of what needs to be changed, let the judicial reforms pass as soon as possible (Deut. 16:20Prov. 8:15).
    • Let the coalition use this time of negotiations to explain to Israelis why the reforms are needed.
    • As in the prophetic portion, God set up judges appointed by You in Israel today (2 Sam. 7:11a).
    • Again we ask You to watch over and fulfill Isaiah 1:25-27 as soon as possible.
    • Use the outside attacks from its enemies to create an inner cohesion among Israelis (1 Pet. 2:17).
    • Cleanse Israel’s mainstream media of its anti-PM Bibi Netanyahu hatred and lies and then turn them to be part of the prophetic word of Your truth coming forth from Zion (Isa. 2:3Mic. 4:2).
    • Teach Netanyahu how to delegate so that he can concentrate on that for which he is anointed and release all other problems to trustworthy men and women (Ex. 18:19-22Deut. 1:13-17Acts 6:2-3).
    • Hedge in Opposition Leader Yair Lapid while he is in America as he is already making things more difficult for Israel’s current coalition with the American Jewish community (Lam. 3:7Hos. 2:6).
    • Expose the lie that he was Israel’s prime minister, as he was only a “caretaker” PM once the last government fell until the new elections (Isa. 59:14).
  3. Internal security:

    As expected Ramadan is once again a time of increased terrorism against Israel. Many Israelis are angry with the lackluster responses of the current and previous governments, and are demanding a harsher reply. We pray for Israel’s leaders to listen to the people and to God who is clear that godly rulers should be a “terror” to the wicked (Rom. 13:3-4).

    • Let the coalition ministers who also want a stronger response have more influence than those fearful of the response of the nations if Israel dares to defend its citizens (Deut. 2:25Psa. 118:8-9).
    • Persuade Israel to fight its enemies in a biblically-correct manner and to reject the humanistically politically-correct way of today’s God-rejecting world (2 Sam. 19:5-6Psa. 82:2-4Prov. 24:24).
    • Lord, if now is the time for the death penalty for terrorists to be implemented, give the coalition courage to do this despite the global criticism it will invariably receive (Gen. 9:5-6Ex. 21:12).
    • Let the fear of Israel once again fall on Israel’s internal enemies (Josh. 2:9-112 Sam. 10:19).
    • Set up commanders with the spirit of boldness of Joshua and Caleb to lead the IDF and remove any who have a fearful spirit like that of the 10 spies (Num. 13:26-14:9).
    • Help Israel to catch all terrorists who have recently murdered Israelis and others (Psa. 139:11-12).
    • Provide the manpower and courage that the IDF needs to defend this nation (Psa. 44:4-6).
    • Guide all of Israel’s security forces as to where to place people and supplies (Prov. 21:31).
    • Since Bibi has reneged on firing Defense Minister Gallant, please create a strong working unity between Netanyahu, Gallant and the IDF’s Chief of Staff Halevi (Eccl. 4:12).
    • We cry out for You to deliver Your people from their evil and violent enemies (Psa. 140:1-2).
    • Fulfill Your promise in the Davidic covenant – in Shabbat’s prophetic portion – that You will give Your people a secure place to live in, protected from the sons of wickedness (2 Sam. 7:10b).
    • In this very difficult situation, we remind You of Your promise to guard Israel today (Jer. 31:10).
    • Protect Jerusalem and Your holy hill from Muslims and others who reject it as Israel’s capitol and its most holy city for better than 3,000 years (Psa. 3:443:3Isa. 31:5Zech. 8:2-3).
    • We ask You to send out anointed laborers among the Palestinians to share Messiah (Luke 10:2).
  4. External security:

    The multi-front attacks on Israel this past week line up with what Iran has been planning for decades. Today it is using its various proxies to do this demonic work.

    • We bless You, and remind You, that You declared that Israel will remain as a nation before You at least until the new heavens and earth (Jer. 31:35-37).
    • Guard over Israel both miraculously and through the IDF (Psa. 121:4Isa. 37:3541:10-16).
    • Show Israel how to respond in such a way that it causes Iran to think twice before trying to attack – either directly or through its proxies – the Jewish State again (2 Chr. 17:10Jer. 51:20-24).
    • Yet if this is all a set up of Your trap for Iran’s wicked leaders, then prepare Israel to “arise and thresh” at the moment of Your choosing (Mic. 4:11-13).
    • Use the arrogant pride of Iran’s leaders to destroy their regime (Prov. 16:18Jer. 49:38b).
    • Cut off all ties between Iran and its various proxies around and inside of Israel (Psa. 40:14-15).
    • Redirect Iran’s finances to care for its people and not towards destroying Israel (Jam. 5:1-6).
    • Make the Mossad so effective that paranoia about its abilities to know, and often stop, Iran’s anti-Zionist plots infects Iran’s political and military leaders’ thinking (1 Sam. 16:14Job 4:15).
    • Impart absolute clarity into the IDF’s Iran Command concerning all things Iranian (Obad. 1:6).
    • Shield Israel’s spies and collaborators and bring to them the intelligence Israel needs (1 Sam. 26:4).
    • Speed up Israel’s development of offense and defensive advanced weaponry (Prov. 8:12).
    • Encourage Netanyahu to not get tired of warning an increasing deaf West of the existential threat that an Iran with nuclear weapons is to them, as well as to Israel (Ezek. 33:1-7Acts 20:31).
    • Impart wisdom to Foreign Minister Eli Cohen and fill his mouth with Your words (Psa. 81:10).
    • Abba, guide the international moves of Israel’s leaders and diplomats at this time when we are seeing the creation of a “new-world order” [NWO] comprised of Russia, China and Iran (Prov. 21:1).
    • Unless this is 100% Your will, break up the trust and connection between these nations (Jer. 17:18).
    • As Israel’s Western allies have proven treacherous, and since it dare not trust any of the nations in the NOW, use the current situation to force Israel to look to You alone (Isa. 31:1-6).
    • Also use these geo-political changes to lead Israel into becoming that nation which dwells alone that You always said it would be and that You want it to be (Ex. 33:16Num. 23:9bEzek. 20:32).
    • In line with that, lead Israel as to when and how it should leave the UN (Isa. 40:15-17Jer. 50:28).
    • Fulfill Psalm 82:8 as soon as possible, Lord Yeshua: Arise, O God, judge the earth: for You shall inherit all nations (cp. Psa. 2:872:8Isa. 49:7Heb. 1:2Rev. 12:519:5).
  5. Aliyah:

    This requires our persistent intercession as while God states that He will bring His people home and save them – He waits for Israel to ask Him to do it (Ezek. 36:23-2837). Today the Body of Messiah has access to God’s throne (Heb. 4:16) and as believers are grafted into Israel’s olive tree (Rom. 11:17-18), and part of the commonwealth of Israel (Eph. 2:11-13), we can be Israel’s advocates asking God to do exactly what He says that He wants to do, while we remind both Him and ourselves that this is all for His holy name’s sake (Ezek. 36:21-23; cp. Psa. 115:1-3).

    • Lord, we again ask You to gather Your scattered people home, and let it results in bringing You both the glory and the praise (Isa. 43:5-721Ezek. 20:41-4236:22-24).
    • God, as You promised, put an end to Israel’s captivity (Jer. 30:3101831:3-58-11172332:153741-4433:711-1426 [All these references are from just one short section of the Tanach!]).
    • Let the aliyah of 2023 be much greater than the 75,000 who returned in 2022 (Eph. 3:20-21).
    • Increase the perception of the reality of the incredible increase of anti-Semitism in the West to the Jews living there who are trying to hide their heads in the sand (Jer. 16:16).
    • As Jews come home, deliver them from lusting after the leeks and onions of exile (Num. 11:5).
    • Bring home Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Jews, and settle many in the Negev (Obad. 1:20b).
    • Lord, help this government win the war against the high cost of living in Your land (Psa. 9:18).
    • Show the government that one way to do this is to extend Israeli sovereignty over all of its land west of the Jordan River so that there are more places to work at, build on and live in (Isa. 54:2-3).
    • Open doors for employment that provides new immigrants with a living wage (Lev. 19:13).
    • Expose and cleanse all unrighteous practices in the housing ministry and in the construction industry in Israel – including the influence of criminal elements (Psa. 71:472:4Isa. 10:1-355:7Jer. 22:13).
    • Lord, our precious Divine Breaker, break through all obstacles in Israel that make coming home for Jews and their families much more difficult than it needs to be (Mic. 2:12-13).
  6. Salvation:

    Jews who believe there will be a Messiah see him as David’s greater son, although definitely not divine. Yet the prophetic portion points to David’s Son as someone more than human, and how what God prophesied to David basically applies to both Solomon and Yeshua: I will raise up your seed after you [both]… and will establish his kingdom [both]. He shall build a house for My name [both], and I will establish His kingdom’s throne forever [only Yeshua]. I will be His father, and he shall be My son [both]. (2 Sam. 7:12-14)

    • Lord, show Your people that for King Messiah’s throne to be established forever requires a King Messiah who will live forever (Acts 2:29-36).
    • Once again, supernaturally reveal the true King of Israel to Your unsaved people (John 1:49).
    • Lord Yeshua, give believers more clarity of the connection between You and Your forefather David (Matt. 1:19:27Luke 1:3269Rom. 1:32 Tim. 2:8; Rev. 5:522:16), and then help them to explain this in a way that provokes unsaved Jews to jealousy (Rom. 11:11).
    • O YHWH, save Your people, the remnant of Israel. (Jer. 31:7b) We ask specifically for Jews in the following groups to be saved: politicians, their families and aides; Holocaust survivors and their families; terror survivors and families of terror victims; military leaders throughout the IDF; soldiers, sailors and pilots; judges and lawyers; criminals, prisoners and prison guards; sex-traffickers and their victims; prostitutes and their clients; hippies and drug-addicts; alcoholics and those helping them; doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, psychiatrists and psychologists; teachers from the lowest grades to university levels; archeologists and tour guides; unsaved loved ones of Messianic Jews.
    • As Jews have read large sections of Your Word over Passover, Lord do not allow Your Word to return to You void – but anoint it to bring forth a huge harvest today (Isa. 55:11).
  7. Body of Messiah:

    The Torah portion tells the story of Nadab and Abihu who offered strange fire before the Lord and died. Here is God’s reason for their deaths: I will be sanctified [seen as pure, as holy] in them that come near Me, and before all the people I will be glorified. (Lev. 10:3b)

    • Abba, show us all what it means to sanctify and glorify You in today’s world (Isa. 8:13John 17:17Eph. 5:25-261 Thess. 5:23-241 Pet. 3:15).
    • Lord, gift Your Body with a biblical fear of You as protection from deception (Matt. 24:4-51124).
    • As the palmist prays, Lord, unite our hearts to fear Your name (Psa. 86:11).
    • Messiah Yeshua, cleanse all traces of an unbiblical, unhistorical Savior from Your Body (2 Cor. 11:4), and replace it with an accurate picture of who You were and of who You still are today – both the King of the Jews and the King of all kings (Matt. 2:227:37Rev. 5:519:1622:16).
    • [God placed a partial blindness on the Jews so that gentiles could be saved (Rom. 11:25), but it is the pride of gentile believers that blinds them to the place which the Jews and Israel still have in God’s plans and in His heart (Rom. 11:17-22).] Lord, send the Spirit of truth to permeate Your Body so that they actually believe Your truth as revealed in Your Word (John 14:1715:2616:1317:17).
    • Pour out a deep hunger for Your complete Word upon Your Body today (Job 23:12bJer. 15:16).
  8. IFI:

    We continue to covet your prayers so that we know how to pray and how to write these alerts, and be found praying in line with God’s will. We also appreciate your support which you give to us in other ways – as in notes of encouragement and in finances. Thank you.

Shabbat shalom and blessings from Zion

Chuck Cohen, for the IFI team

Num. 6:24-26