Separation and purity are part of holiness. Jesus was a Torah-observant Jew.  How should the laws of purity be interpreted? What was Jesus debating with the Pharisees? His debate was not against ethical ritual purity. All of these issues are mentioned in a short 27-minute sermon podcast from this past Sunday at Jerusalem’s Christ Church inside Jaffa Gate. 

Rev. David Pileggi  spoke on Matthew 15:10-28, on what defiles a person and the woman from Sidon and Tyre.  Jesus commended her faith.  The Hebrew concept of faith is beautifully described in this sermon. When a person truly has “emunah,” [faith, trust in God], he or she lives a life of faithfulness, tenacity, confidence, radical trust.

When the woman engaged Jesus in a conversation, she didn’t take no for an answer. God can never be forced, but he can be convinced. Jesus commended the woman’s persistence and her holy chutzpah.

Sermon title: “Let us purify ourselves” & live in persistent tenacity.”  Transcript not available but right click to [download mp3] the podcast.

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